College Humor, IGN, Hulu, G4 and Black20

This is a Mashup I did for College Humor. Go to to see the HD version. Looks like someone posted this on YouTube.


There’s really is no way to summarize the amount of work I did at Black20 Studios Here’s a New York Times Article about my work at Over a two year period I directed,edited,acted and released over 50 pieces of video for Black20 Studios appearing places like G4TV,IGN,Hulu and even the Tonight Show. The gang and I at Black20 gained two Web Emmy Nominations and were given the title of the first “King’s of Dot-comedy” on G4’s Attack of the Show. The shows that I directed included Black20 Trailer park which to date has gotten over 20 million views that I am responsible for and Marv’s Psychic Shop that was given  a “Best in Jest” award from YouTube.  The “Cake Town” video alone has over 9,000,000 views.

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