Television and Web Series


Monster Kill, an original series that I created recently launched on Troma Now which is the streaming service for Troma Studios. Troma is of course the longest running Independent Film Studio in the U.S. and I’m really happy to be working with them. So anyway, what is Monster Kill do you ask? It’s a series in the vein of Up All Night or MonsterVision in which Louanne Louanne (Played by Maggie Champagne known for her appearances on the Amy Schumer Show) and (Super Tromette) Double Dementia host a late night, horror themed TV show in which they play terrible films like Merminators from Space, Flying Snake Attack, Night of the Infomercial or Groom of Bigfoot. The shows run about to 15 minutes and they have some fun fake movie trailers and commercials spliced in. They premiered two episodes this week and a new episode will come out every two weeks after.

Other series I’ve been involved with is the Web Emmy Nominated Hulu series net_work as an actor and camera person. I’ve also done work for College Humor and IGN. Learn more about my work for IGN, College Humor, Black20


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