John Bloom aka Joe Bob Briggs Radio Interview!

Monster new Show!

Jan 14, 2014

New York Cine Radio: Special Guest John Bloom aka Joe Bob Briggs #103

This week we got to sit down with B-Movie hero John Bloom (Joe Bob Briggs) host of TMC’s Drive-in Theater and TNT’s Monstervision. This goes to show that you can meet your heroes and not be disappointed. Special thanks to Debbie Rochon and John Bloom. With hosts Thomas Edward Seymour, Ken Powell and Dave Leute.

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New York Cine: A Love/Hate of George Lucas #24

New York Cine: A Love/Hate of George Lucas #24

This week we look at the documentary The People V.S George Lucas to examine the often strange and strained relationship all of us have with the creator himself George (jar jar) Lucas. Don’t forget to subscribe HERE on iTunes!  or Podbean And for the Microsoft bunch HERE is Zune! And for anyone else you can listen to us on Stitcher HERE!