VHS Transfers

I’ve been working on the cut of the  VHS Massacre documentary (A doc about cult films and the decline of physical media).  It’s getting to a point where I can see where the rough edges are. It will take some months before I can cut out the fat, get the b-role in place and add in a few last movie clips. So some of VHS tapes that we’ve scavenged NYC to find needed to be transferred and digitized. I had to transfer from VHS, to this old Mini DV camera and then capture via firewire, with a 400 to 800 firewire adapter on an old iMac so I can edit on a new iMac. There are many years of technology represented in this transfer to get this horrible VHS footage but it was worth it? I mean, it was worth it! It was kind of fun actually. I think the doc will come out well. I get a bit of a sinking feeling when I think of doing the deliverables once we distribute the film (Master Copies, Dialogue lists, paper work, M & E mix and so on). I’ve done this on several films throughout the years and it is a horrible process but is is required to put the film out there. First things first, I have to finish the film.

10382243_310907562404005_2084730408580688108_oNot much recent news on my last film Rudyard Kipling’s Mark of the Beast but I did stumble across an article on which Phil Hall star of Mark of the Beast speaks briefly on what is was like to be on the set of Best. Read Here.


“The Room” Movie Extravaganza!

New York Cine Radio “The Room” Movie Extravaganza, Interviews with the creators of “The Room Rap” also (Lisa) Juliette Danielle and (Mark) Greg Sestero #SPL


It’s “The Room” Movie Extravaganza!  The gang talks hard with Greg DeLiso and Peter Litvin creators of “The Room Rap” and also they interview (Lisa) Juliette Danielle and (Mark) Greg Sestero stars of The Room. Happy New Year from Ken Powell, Tom Seymour and David Leute of New York Cine Radio. Thank you all for making this our most successful year at New York Cine Radio!

The Room Movie Rap Video!

Kung Fury Trailer: Soon to be the best film of 2014!

Troll 2, The Room and Mark of the Beast News!




TROLL 2 and The Room

So tonight I’m going Brooklyn to hopefully Interview Greg Sestero who played Mark in the Room Movie (Oh Haiii, Maaaarrrk). He is having a book release event (The Disaster Artist) at Powerhouse Arena. So we shall see how it goes. Also on Tuesday we had the pleasure of interviewing Deborah Reed who played Creedence Leonore Gielgud in Troll 2. She was just an awesome person in general and it was great for me personally to be able to do the interview. The podcast that Ken Powell, Dave Leute and I have started over a year ago seems to really be taking off. We’ve have 10,000 hits a month, over a quarter million channel visits and we keep booking these really awesome B-movie icons. Listen to the interview here!

Rudyard Kipling’s Mark of the Beast enters WorldFest Houston.

Over the years I’ve enter probably three of my features into WorldFest Houston. I have not yet won a Remi award but I just entered my newest film Mark of the Beast. WorldFest is the oldest Indie Film Festival in the world, and the 3rd oldest International Film Festival in North America (After San Fran & NYC). Discovery history includes Spielberg, George Lucas, David Lynch, Ang Lee, The Coen Brothers, Randal Kleiser, Robert Rodriguez, Brian De Palma, Atom Egoyan, John Lee Hancock, among many others. So we shall see, either I’m crazy for entering the same festival over the years and expecting different results, or it will prove that persistence counts.