Everyone of these feature films below played at either the Pioneer Theater or the Anthology Film Archives In New York City. Titles can be found at Best Buy, Barnes and Noble, Netflix,  flixfling, Amazon on Demand, Walmart, Frightpix, FYE and other stores. Some titles also available on iTunes and Midnight Pulp Roku station. Click Here to read the reviews on these films

BUY/RENT/DOWNLOAD all of these titles at this link HERE! Also for all details on our new film Rudyard Kipling’s Mark of the Beast go to our  PRESS PAGE HERE! Mark of the Beast Starring Ellen Muth (Dead Like Me Showtime Series) and Horror film legend Debbie Rochon has gotten some great press recently with a positive review in Aint it Cool news and a two page article in Fangoria Magazine 318. If you like classic monster movies or old 70’s horror films that you just might like Mark of he Beast. Buy the DVD today!

London Betty is one of the last films to ever be on a shelf at Blockbuster Video. It was released by Maverick Entertainment in 2010 (One of the larger distributors of independent film at the time) on their Platinum Label. The film won three three festival awards including “Best Connecticut Film” at the Silk City Film Festival. It screened in over a dozen other films festivals such as Hoboken International, Audience Choice Film Festival, the Connecticut Film Festival and several others. Starring Broadway actress Nicole Lewis (Hair,Rent,Lennon), famous character actor Daniel Von Bargen (Seinfeld, Super Troopers, Malcolm in the Middle) and is narrated by Clint Howard! Among it’s several great reviews London Betty Makes list of Top Movies of the Year on BUY/RENT/DOWLOAD

The brand new third film in one of the stupidest film trilogies in history. Order yours today! With approximately a hundred professional reviews from horror giants like Fangoria or Rue Morgue and distribution with MVD and Uwe Boll’s company Boll World sales, the Bikini Bloodbath Trilogy holds it’s place as a cult phenomenon. It’s been compared to “Strangers With Candy” and “Idiocracy”and been referred to as better than Spiderman 3 (which isn’t saying much if you think about it) So support Indie film and place your DVD order at Amazon, MVD, Netflix, Best Buy or even Video on Demand. Starring Lloyd Kaufman, Debbie Rochon, Rachael Robbins, Sheri Lynn and Monique Dupree. The plot is as follows. Chef Death is back from the grave but his time it’s Christmas! BUY/RENT/DOWLOAD

The Land of College Prophets won 8 film festival awards (NY B-movie Awards, New Haven Underground, EOFF TV Awards, Bare Bones International ect.) and is generally considered a hit as an underground film. It is a “Best Seller” with York Entertainment and has been distributed in eight different countries over the last few years. It has also been a critical success with a large majority of critics giving it a positive reviews. This is movie trailer for this very strange comic book fantasy underground action film that never takes it’s self too seriously. BUY/RENT/DOWLOAD

The Second film in the Bikini Bloodbath series. Bikini Bloodbath Carwash was named the “#1 Ridiculous(ly Awesome) Horror Movie Titles of all time in 2010 by By Mark H. Harris, Guide. This film won Best Supporting Actor (Phil Hall) at the New York B-movie awards and screened theaters and in several festivals including the Atlanta Horror film festival. Also the first two Bikini Bloodbath films were among the last films to be played at the famous Pioneer Theater in New York City. This film stars Debbie Rochon as Miss Johnson and Rachael Robbins as Jenny. We Join Jenny in her college years. She is now fully developed and has dyed her hair blonde…and got a tan. She and her friends work at the local carwash to put themselves through school at Community College University but sudden the infamous Chef Death rise from the grave to attack her again. Get yours today on amazon,netflix,video on demand and retail stores. BUY/RENT/DOWLOAD

The one that started it all Folks! This is the trailer for Bikini Bloodbath. During it’s release the illegal downloading was so rampant that this film was being downloaded more than Hollywood films like Charlie Wilsons War and other titles. With International distribution with Uwe Boll’s company to it’s strong sales in retail stores, netflix and video on demand as well as several successful theatrical screenings, The Bikini Bloodbath Trilogy is one of the more popular ongoing low-budget indie horror series around. This film stars Debbie Rochon and Sheri Lynn. Also the first two Bikini Bloodbath films were among the last films to be played at the famous Pioneer Theater in New York City. Over the years the series has starred cult icons like Lloyd Kaufman, Debbie Rochon, Rachael Robbins, Carmine Capobianco and others. The plot is as follows. Jenny is having a year end party to celebrate her high school graduation. A Killer Chef is on the loose and attacks everyone at the party. One of the girls escapes to a Hitler themed taco restaurant named Das Taco. the End. BUY/RENT/DOWLOAD

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