Tom gets Interviewed  by Ben of  England’s Spirit of Independence Film Festival!

Tom’s gets Interview by Benji of the San Fransisco’s IndieFest’s Another Hole in the Head Fest. VHS Massacre Too won Best Documentary!

So we won “Best Documentary” at the Miami International Science Fiction Film Festival for out new documentary feature VHS Massacre Too. In this video (At 11:14:00) I was interviewed about the importance of the American Exploitation film movement.

Mike “The Hobbit” sits down with Writer/Director Thomas Seymour to discuss the challenges of independent film making in a post physical media age, and his progress on the sequel to “VHS Massacre: Cult Films and the Decline of Physical Media.”


B-Movie Mania Reviews my old film Land of College Prophets!


The Tonight Show

You can see me with various outfits and wigs on getting repeating romped by the Eater Bunny in this clip from the Tonight Show. This was when I was doing some gigs with Mike Aransky at NBC Universal Digital Studios.

NPR Interview “Where We Live” I got to talk about filmmaking. Get the whole Interview HERE

Attack of the Show G4 TV “The Kings of Dot Comedy” Some highlights from the work we did with Black20 and Hulu. When I wasn’t acting  I was directing, editing and shooting. Net_work seen here, had a Daytime Broadband Emmy Nomination!


Interview by Mike White with Thomas Edward Seymour and Ken Powell about VHS MASSACRE  (We pop about a an hour and 59 minutes in)



Thomas has appeared on Fangoria Radio several times over the years to promote his horror film Trilogy Bikini Bloodbath. Those archives are only available to Sirius Radio Subscribers at the link below.



FIM (Film Industry Mixer)

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