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Here are some reviews and interviews for the films I’ve done.

  • Pixels Garage Review of VHS Massacre Too
  • Horror Hound Review of VHS Massacre Too
  • MUBI Notebook Interview: Tom and Lloyd Kaufman 
  • Tom wins three Telly Awards – Hunter College IMA News
  • Ain’t it Cool News  (VHS Massacre)
  • Pop Dose Interview (VHS Massacre
  • Ain’t it Cool News Review (Mark of the Beast)
  • Variety “Daniel Von Bargen’s last film Thomas Edward Seymour’s London Betty
  • Raindance Film Festival Recommends Bikini Bloodbath Christmas
  • NPR “Interview (Where we Live) with Thomas Edward Seymour”
  • New York Times article “Satire With the Blessing of Lady Luck Herself”
  • 34th Annual Daytime Entertainment Emmy Awards (Page31)
  • New Filmmakers New York Quarterly (page 4, bottom left)
  • New England Horror Writers Interview (re-posted on Authors’ Blog)
  • Fangoria Magazine Also featured in Issue #318 “Bugged out on Beast” article
  • Bristol Observer interviews Tom about “Mark of The Beast”
  • Laugh Damn it,Laugh!-Film Threat Magazine interview
  • London Betty DVD release article
  • “The Knights who say BIKINI: An Interview with Thomas Edward Seymour,” DVD Town
  • Saluting indie film on Reel Talk Radio
  • Broadway World listing of London Betty New York Premiere
  • Bthroughz.com
  • “2004 A Good Year for State Artists”. Hartford Courant.
  • Thomas Edward Seymour Highly regarded underground filmmaker. -New Haven Advocate/CT Now


  • Ain’t it Cool News
  • Cinespiria
  • A Word of Dreams
  • Horror News
  • Horrorpedia
  • Cinema-Crazed
  • Zombies in my Blog
  • Blu-ray.com [Brian Orndorf]
  • Film Arcade
  • Nerds Templar
  • Search my Trash
  • Pop Dose Interview (VHS Massacre


  1. Examiner [Bill Cassinelli]
  2. (re)Search my Trash [Mike Haberfelner]
  3. Ain’t it Cool News
  4. New Filmmakers Quarterly
  5. Amos Lassen
  6. Cine-Apocalypse [Shawn Francis]
  7. Freq Reviews
  8. DVD Talk [Jeremy Biltz]
  9. Sex Gore Mutants
  10. Dave’s Horror Reviews
  11. Fangoria Magazine
  12. Film Threat [Mike Watt]
  13. Hartford Courant [Susan Dunne]
  14. SHU-IZMZ Reviews
  15. Ink19
  16. Joblo Movie Network
  17. Movie City News
  18. New England Horror Writers
  19. Search My Trash
  20. Shockya
  21. Topix
  22. World News
  23. Plainville Observer Interview
  24. Bristol Observer NEUFF
  25. Dick Boland star of MOTB on Frames Per Second
  26. Arrow in the Head
  27. Metal Life

London Betty

  1. Article Base
  2. DVD Talk
  3. Dave’s News
  4. Dig Recent
  5. Discount Diva
  6. Film Arcade
  7. Film Intuition
  8. Film Intuition [J. Johans]
  9. Film Snobbery
  10. Film Threat
  11. Film Threat [Mike Watt]
  12. Movie Blog of Thunder
  13. Movie-heb
  14. Ozus’ World Movie Reviews [Dennis Schwartz]
  15. Pulpmovies
  16. Red Gage
  17. Reel Talk Reviews
  18. Rotten Tomatoes
  19. SGM
  20. The Movies Made Me Do It
  21. London Betty Makes list of Top Movies of the Year

The Land of College Prophets

  1. Doomed Moviethon
  2. Draxblog Movie Reviews
  3. eFilmCritic Reviews
  4. filmcritic.com
  5. Jemima Moon Reviews
  6. The Nutmeg Grater: Views and News
  7. Son and Foe
  8. The Film Journal
  9. 7M Pictures [Kevin Carr]
  10. B-Independent.com
  11. Cinema Crazed
  12. Cold Fusion Video Reviews
  13. Film Threat
  14. Monsters At Play
  15. The QNetwork Film Desk [James Kendrick]
  16. Reel Film Reviews [David Nusair]
  17. The Sci-Fi Movie Page
  18. SGM
  19. Ozus’ World Movie Reviews [Dennis Schwartz]

Everything Moves Alone

  1. Film Threat
  2. Flipside Movie Emporium [Michael B. Scrutchin]
  3. Daily Reviews
  4. Flipside Movie Emporium
  5. Hollywood is Burning
  6. metacritic.com – Reviews and Scores from Leading Film Critics
  7. TV Guide

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