Everything Moves Alone


The film hits those emotional cords that the Hollywood assembly lines can only dream of.



 Everything Moves Alone on Amazon Prime!


Everything Moves Alone (shot in 1999 on 16mm) is a largely forgotten film from the 90’s independent film movement. This film is a dramatic comedy is in the spirit of Clerks and Bottle Rocket. The film follows the journey of a suicidal ex-soldier named Scotch (Guerrette) who tracks down his estranged and hostile brother (Aransky) in a small New England town. In this new surrounding, Scotch becomes involved in a strange and comically violent feud between a wealthy but misanthropic local (Seymour) and the easily excitable owner of a video store (Matt Ford). This feature film had a theatrical run in New York City in 2001 and was reviewed everywhere from the New York Post to the Daily News. Among other prizes Thomas Edward Seymour won “Auteur of the year” at the the Bare Bones film festival along with directors Mike Aransky and Phil Guerette for EMA in 2002. This film played everywhere from the California Indie fest to New York International Film Festival. EMA facebook page


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