John Bloom aka Joe Bob Briggs Radio Interview!

Monster new Show!

Jan 14, 2014

New York Cine Radio: Special Guest John Bloom aka Joe Bob Briggs #103

This week we got to sit down with B-Movie hero John Bloom (Joe Bob Briggs) host of TMC’s Drive-in Theater and TNT’s Monstervision. This goes to show that you can meet your heroes and not be disappointed. Special thanks to Debbie Rochon and John Bloom. With hosts Thomas Edward Seymour, Ken Powell and Dave Leute.

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“The Room” Movie Extravaganza!

New York Cine Radio “The Room” Movie Extravaganza, Interviews with the creators of “The Room Rap” also (Lisa) Juliette Danielle and (Mark) Greg Sestero #SPL


It’s “The Room” Movie Extravaganza!  The gang talks hard with Greg DeLiso and Peter Litvin creators of “The Room Rap” and also they interview (Lisa) Juliette Danielle and (Mark) Greg Sestero stars of The Room. Happy New Year from Ken Powell, Tom Seymour and David Leute of New York Cine Radio. Thank you all for making this our most successful year at New York Cine Radio!

The Room Movie Rap Video!

Kung Fury Trailer: Soon to be the best film of 2014!

New York Cine Radio Special: Interview with filmmaker Mike Aransky!

New York Cine Radio Special: Interview with filmmaker Mike Aransky #SPL


It was really great sitting down with one of my best friends Mike Aransky to talk shop about film production. I hope you enjoy the Interview as much as I did. We sat down with IGN producer Mike Aransky (The Daily Fix) to talk about filmmaking and Internet video content. We also talk about the new film he produced and shot called Alone (Featured in Fangoria Magazine and directed by Rory Abel) and 2005 cult film The Land of College Prophets which he co-directed with NYCR’s own Thomas Edward Seymour back in the day. ALSO! Enjoy a sneak peek at the beginning and end of the Interview of the new song Superheros by one of the hardest working rock bands in Queens, Dirty Wings!

Interview with Myles Kane, Eric Swain and Troy Bernier of the films Temple of Joy and Jouney to Planet X


Enter The Miami International Science Fiction Film Festival today! This week we spend the hour with the filmmakers behind Temple of Joy and Journey to Planet X, Eric Swain, Troy Bernier, and Miles Kane. We also talk in depth about their monster film festival coming in January 17-19th, The Miami International Science Fiction Film Festival. LISTEN TO THE RADIO INTERVIEW HERE!

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Maverick Movie Awards! Mark of the Beast gets one win and two nominations!

MMAThis just in from the Maverick Movie Awards! Our film Mark of the Beast gets one win and two nominations! Leigh Radziwon (LeighFX) wins BEST SPECIAL EFFECTS MAKE-UP, Debbie Rochon picks up a BEST ACTRESS nomination and Jon Gorman and I (Thomas Edward Seymour) get a BEST DIRECTOR NOMINATION!  Thanks so much to the cast and crew for helping to make a great little horror flick and thanks to the Maverick Movie Awards for recognizing all of us! If you get a chance have a look at the Maverick Movie Awards Alumni List. From Chris Gore to Philip Glass to Moby, it’s a pretty amazing group to be among.

“…The Maverick Movie Awards puts credibility and intrigue back into the word ‘maverick.’”
– Les Claypool, Frontman of Primus, Music Producer, Film Director, Novelist, Winemaker, and Fisherman
“The MMA is the real deal. When you all say ‘it’s a level playing field…from a maverick point-of-view,’ I believe it.”
– Anthony E. Griffin, Moviemaker and Co-Founder of Thriller! Chiller! Film Festival

“Mark of the Beast” site gets a facelift.


It’s not a ground breaking news of course but those of you who are interested in my film Mark of the Beast can check out the website, it’s been updated a bit and has a new URL. ENJOY HERE!

Troll 2, The Room and Mark of the Beast News!




TROLL 2 and The Room

So tonight I’m going Brooklyn to hopefully Interview Greg Sestero who played Mark in the Room Movie (Oh Haiii, Maaaarrrk). He is having a book release event (The Disaster Artist) at Powerhouse Arena. So we shall see how it goes. Also on Tuesday we had the pleasure of interviewing Deborah Reed who played Creedence Leonore Gielgud in Troll 2. She was just an awesome person in general and it was great for me personally to be able to do the interview. The podcast that Ken Powell, Dave Leute and I have started over a year ago seems to really be taking off. We’ve have 10,000 hits a month, over a quarter million channel visits and we keep booking these really awesome B-movie icons. Listen to the interview here!

Rudyard Kipling’s Mark of the Beast enters WorldFest Houston.

Over the years I’ve enter probably three of my features into WorldFest Houston. I have not yet won a Remi award but I just entered my newest film Mark of the Beast. WorldFest is the oldest Indie Film Festival in the world, and the 3rd oldest International Film Festival in North America (After San Fran & NYC). Discovery history includes Spielberg, George Lucas, David Lynch, Ang Lee, The Coen Brothers, Randal Kleiser, Robert Rodriguez, Brian De Palma, Atom Egoyan, John Lee Hancock, among many others. So we shall see, either I’m crazy for entering the same festival over the years and expecting different results, or it will prove that persistence counts.

‘Mark Of The Beast’ is one of the finest indie films I’ve seen all year – The Impaler Speaks


This is such a cool new review. It’s reviews like this that keep me going. When you work on a  feature film, your intention is to affect people and you hope that when you finish cutting it together, that you are making an impact on people. I feel like it is difficult to get through to folks these days and every Indie film requires some kind of crazy gimme or twist. Our thinking was to try to go with an older blend of horror, One part aiming to be like a Hammer horror film, one part aiming to be more classic (Frankenstein or Creature from the Black Lagoon), one part aiming for a Frank Darabont horror-drama film. I felt like we had a good blend but you never know. Although so far I feel it is accurate to say the reviews are mostly positive, the negative ones cut through you, many are filled with things that are factually incorrect but to try to address these issues to the reviewers can be very touchy.

I’m working on my 9th feature film now but to be honest although it bothers me much less these days to read bad reviews, it still does bother me because I read every one of them. They CAN be a decent source of information, not individually necessarily but as a whole you can see things that coincide, that maybe improved upon but also you can read about things that you potentially did right and that can be a victory of sorts. This review came out very recently and it’s one of my favorites. When you release a film it can be very exciting when reviews start to come in. The positive reviews and coverage from Aint it Cool, Fangoria, Rue Morgue and Film Threat were extremely meaningful to me but after a while the reviews die down and after spending three years on a film you begin to wonder if anyone will recall the film down the road. So to see this review very recently was cool. It’s a confirmation that things may resonate and be there for some time after. Thanks Impaler who ever you are and thanks to my Co-director Jon Gorman and the Mark of the Beast gang for making the film happen!

“(Debbie Rochon, Margaret Rose Champagne, Phill Hall, Matt Ford, Dick Boland, Mark Bovino, and Isaiah Entsua-Mensah) – fall deeply into their respective roles, bringing the story to life in an eerily believable manner. True horror fans will delight in the special F/X work of Leigh Radziwon,”

“The story – which was adapted for the film by Sheri Lynn and co-director Seymour – flows seemlessly”

‘Mark Of The Beast’ is one of the finest indie films I’ve seen all year, and certainly is better than anything I’ve seen out of Hollywood’s big-money machine in a long, long time.”

– The Impaler



The evolving nature of the “VHS Massacre” Documentary


As some of you know, the gang from New York Cine Radio (Ken Powell, Dave Leute,  Chris Ferry and I) have been working on a documentary called VHS Massacre. So last month Ken and I were pretty sure we had completed all the interviews required for the doc but as I’m really digging into the edit I realize that the story of the film will continue to evolve right up until the end. You see this is my 9th feature film and although I’ve done several short documentary (mostly behind the scenes of other films) this is my first feature documentary and what I see now is that unlike narrative features, story choices are endless. So in a sense with the same  raw footage you could have a dozen different stories. I remember watching commentary for the King of Kong documentary about classic arcade gaming and the directors stated that with the footage they had taken, they could have made at least one more full doc. So about the doc, although we have some incredible Interviews, I feel like so far the interesting bits tend to be when we’re roaming about New York searching for VHS tapes, Exploring a Blockbuster Video stores still in existence or attending the more popular midnight cult film screenings. So it’s a matter of finding the right balance between film experts and us. That being said tomorrow we have an opportunity if all goes well to interview Douglas Dunning and Gregory Hatanaka who are responsible for re-mastering and reissuing the B-movie Classic Samurai Cop. Also we will interview B-movie legend Gerald Okamura from such films as (Samurai Cop, Big Trouble in Little China,  Power Rangers and Rapid Fire). We are all fans of Samurai Cop and feel like this will be a nice edition to our doc since we already have interviews and footage of other B-movies Icons likes James Nguyen (Director of Birdemic) and Juliette Danielle (Lisa from The Room). So we shall see how it goes. Check out our Facebook page or Twitter.

Thanks for reading and listening!


Interview with the Projection Booth and Bikini Bloodbath Box set news!



Ken Powell and I are still planning the final shoot for our VHS Massacre Doc but we have completed all the interviews and I have about a half hour edited of the rough-cut of the VHS Massacre doc. Also Ken Powell and I did get to do an interview with Mike White who not only runs the highly respected Projection Booth podcast but is known most for being featured in the documentaries David Goodis: To a Pulp and The People Vs. George Lucas. LISTEN TO THE INTERVIEW HERE. We pop about a an hour and 60 minutes in. Special thanks to Mike White for having us. It was a real treat.


Beyond that I had a conversation with Jon Gorman (Co-director of Bikini Bloodbath 1-3) I think we are going to put out a box set of the Bikini Bloodbath films. No word on whether it will be a Blueray or DVD release but will be coming out at some point.


I have a finished rough draft of a screenplay I may direct with Jon Gorman and Ken Powell next year but it needs some work. It’s entitled Morrowbie Jukes. I think it could make a cool film.


So my last film Rudyard Kipling’s Mark of the Beast did very well last year garnering positive reviews and press from Aint it Cool,Rue Morgue,Film threat Fangoria and the sales were strong…but the press has died down now as it always does and it makes me wonder if I did enough to push the movie. Films are never finished someone once said, they are abandoned. I have been trying to get a review on Ain’t it Cool for years now and it meant a lot to me to be featured . Also being in Rue Morgue and Fangoria in a positive light at the same time in a way felt was a break through for me. I have to say I am so grateful to the guys at MVD and also Debbie Rochon and Mike Watt of Film Threat, also the folks at Rue Morgue and Ain’t it Cool for taking notice of our tiny film.Who knows maybe a few more reviews will trickle in this year but I’m satisfied with how the film performed.