“VHS Massacre Too” will have a physical release through Troma!

VHS Massacre Too Blu-ray!

Some exciting news. For those have have been curious about the VHS Massacre Too documentary release. Thom Demicco and the Troma Entertainment gang have started work on creating the the Blu-ray! Believe it or not, this was up on the air for a bit. I think everyone was unsure about just how we would all proceed during these strange circumstances but Troma is forging ahead. There is no official release date yet but I should have some more information soon. There will be some really awesome extras like the full James Rolfe (Angry Video Game Nerd) Interview in which he talks about how he independently created the Angry Video Game Nerd feature film! Also Professor James Richardson and I did the audio commentary along with some additional extras!

Festivals wins and laurels!

VHS Massacre Too recently won Best Documentary and The Audience Choice award at the Underground Indie Film Festival! I don’t think I have ever won an audience choice award before! It was a great screening and Q & A! In addition we were given a Honorable Mention Laurel from the L.A. Underground Film Forum. In total we have won eleven awards and a half a dozen other nominations, honors and selections! So far so good!

Troma Dance at the Drive-in!

Troma Dance Film Festival News! As Joe Bob Briggs says, “The Drive-in will never die!” I am excited to hear that Troma Dance will take place at the Mahoning Drive-in next month! Details here. It warms the heart to know this festival in its 20th year will take place in a physical space!

My New Short Film

MacLeod: There Can Be Only One is a short documentary I’m going to start working on about the king of royalty free music Kevin MacLeod. He may be the most listened to musician in history, I guess that’s what happens when you write 2,000 songs and let the internet, films, games, podcasts and apps use them for free! More news to come but listen to the newest VHS Massacre Radio show to learn more about this project!


So some of you know that I’ve been on an eight year journey in my college education. I had two A.S. degrees for the longest time. So it took me three and a half years to obtain an B.A. in Media and Communication from the CUNY School of Professional Studies. I then started at Hunter College in NYC to study film production in the Intergraded Media Arts program. So I’m still going. I have a class that starts up in a few weeks. I’ll be learning about grant writing for film. I’ve also completed a course in teaching online through Blackboard software and although I’ve been using it for years it is a step forward to be formally educated in using it. This could help me down the road if I decide to pursue online teaching more often. With luck I should have my M.F.A. degree completed by by Christmas.

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