“VHS Massacre Too” begins its festival run in 2020!

I decided to change my approach to entering film festivals with VHS Massacre Too, my tenth feature film. I’ve written off the top film festivals like Sundance, Slamdance Telluride and so on. After entering them with my other films over the last twenty years I’m simply tired of bankrolling film studio premieres with my hard earned money. In a sense I’ve donated thousands of dollars to the studio film industry. I am convinced that unless it’s a film connected to the studio system or you have major representation (and they think they can make money off you), the odds of getting in are close to zero.

So in result I’m targeting A few larger City Film festivals, Underground festivals, low-budget, exploitation film fests, and (medium sized) film awards shows and contests. I entered them over the last few weeks and I’m already getting results! You figure a followup documentary to a film about VHS and exploitation films is definitely a niche film! I made a video describing exactly which film festivals and contests I’ve entered but my intention to get as much out of my dollar in regards to official selections and wins and so far it seem like it’s going to be ok.

– Impact Docs Award – Official Selection for competition
– Filmmaker New York – Official Selection (Anthology Film Archives January 8th Premiere in NYC)
– The Indie Fest – Official Selection 
– Accolade Global Film Competition – Official Selection 

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