VHS Massacre 2 hits rough-cut phase and Cinemassacre give us praise!

“We love VHS Massacre!”



I spoke briefly with James Rolfe (The Angry Video Game Nerd himself) and he actually saw the first VHS Massacre and loved it! This is really cool. I’ve been watching his videos for years now. We may even be able to include some video of him in the new doc, fingers crossed!

I made a push this week to get VHS Massacre 2 into rough-cut phase. I need to get a few more interviews and I need more footage of video stores and such. It’s a bit of a mess but I needed get it to a point where I could show some folks and get some feedback.

The films examines the importance of certain exploitation films from Night of the Living Dead, to the Toxic Avenger. It seems like every year it gets harder to turn a profit making independent films so it makes sense that the ones that do make it tend to be sensational. Troma films always come to mind, they pull no punches for instance Shakespeare’s Shit-storm look to be a gross-out masterpiece. The trailer is pretty graphic so please watch at your own risk. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!

VHS Massacre 2  is about how films and filmmakers have been marginalized, kept out of venues, kept from being paid what they were owed and how the system is so corrupt that we’ve nearly lost an entire generation of independent filmmakers to predatory distribution practices. Even filmmakers who had lawyers, agents and that have signed good contracts have been robbed of money owed to them by the Hollywood system. Everyone knows the film & music industry is a tricky business but we examine what we may have lost in not allowing people to move to the next level. It’s a simple argument, the system is too corrupt to be a hierarchy of competence and therefor a large amount a talent is lost because if you can’t recoup your money, it’s hard to keep making films.

It’s not all doom and gloom though, we speak with people who are still making it happen and we examine what we can do to fortify Independent films moving forward. If you have 15 minutes give listen to some of the upcoming VHS Massacre 2 discussion topics above!



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