VHS Massacre Now on iTunes plus other news!



Some cool news! My documentary VHS Massacre (Co-directed by Ken Powell) is now available on iTunes! This is great news because the only other film I have on there is London Betty. It’s interesting to me how certain film make it to certain formats. Land of College Prophets (a weird little film I did) made it onto Netflix before Netflix was cool. Now they don’t seem to be buying Independent content but Amazon Prime does and in result VHS Massacre in on there too! Certain distributors will package films together and license them to companies. Filmrise worked with Troma and then worked with Prime as opposed to Netflix. I would image at some point Amazon Prime will be “too cool for school” and no longer buy Independent films.


Getting your film distributed by a company or studio is the equivalent in my opinion of getting a book deal. So you could self publish and there is nothing wrong with that but I was always proud to compete in the professional market with a distributor. Similarly you could make a film and put it on YouTube or Vimeo but for me still seems like a place a feature film might end up when film gets older or stops making money. In many cases people tune into YouTube for certain personalities, ERB, Joe Rogan. Others tune in to watch Ted Talks or people play videos games. There are all sorts of amazing things on YouTube but as of yet, I still don’t think it’s exactly the right venue for new feature films.

I remember over a decade ago I create a trailer mashup called PG 300 or Cake Town as people called it. It has over 10 million view now. Meanwhile one of my earliest 16mm feature films that played at the Pioneer Theater in New York fifteen years ago Everything Moves Alone has but a few hundred. I think my point is that the views don’t always reflect the true value of a film or video. A video could make a company 80 grand on YouTube but it can still be garbage.


VHS Massacre got a great review this month from Gross Movie Reviews! They called it a “Great documentary!” In this cynical internet environment, when trashing films is the cool thing to do, I’m amazed when any small film get s good review! So thanks guys! Also I’ve been posting about an episode a month on New York Cinema Radio. This month I interview Chris Ferry about his new book-narration gig Stuck in the Stone Age. Chris is part of the comedy troop Story Pirates and this is their first book. So check out New York Cinema Radio!








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