New York Cinema Radio gets a Facelift

First of all some of you might be saying hasn’t it been New York Cine for the last four years? Yes that’s true. Well for one thing, we just got to a point where we got exhausted by explaining that cine stood for cinema and a lot of people where pronouncing it New York Sign. That be said we will still occasionally use New York Cine for short. Also we’re getting close to hitting a million listens and we wanted to revamp things a bit. We should have some pretty cool interviews in the next few weeks. Last month I went to the Miami International Science Fiction Film Festival with my friend/composer/producer Tim Kulig and we spoke on a panel about creating web series and how to market them. I was able to record it for the podcast. Another thing I was able to do while I was there was get an Interview with Indie film Legend William Grefe about his amazing film career. So have a look at the new site below!

New York Cinema Radio #226 Interview with Indie film legend William Grefe (Death Curse of Tartu)

From working with a dozen live rattlesnakes on the film Stanley, directing William Shatner in Impulse, making a film with no script (Psychedelic Priest) or even shooting a feature film in seven days (Death Curse of Tartu), Indie film legend William Grefe has had one of the most Interesting film careers we’ve ever heard of. He sat down with Tom Seymour to talk about it all. William also ran the Ivan Tors’ Studio in Miami that produced such classics at Flipper and Gentle Ben but his real passion was exploitation films and he has director over a dozen throughout the years.



More about the NYCR and myself

For those who don’t know we also created a few projects with Troma. The Amazon Prime documentary VHS Massacre and the Troma Now original series Monster Kill. The Bluray will be out soon so that will be exciting. I recently I watched a film called the Greasy Strangler. It was like Wes Anderson did the set and costume design for a John Waters film written by Napoleon Dynamite. So you know, I loved it. In any case I noticed that same distributor FilmRise also put out VHS Massacre and I thought that was really cool. While I was at the Miami FF last month we screened Monster Kill and that seemed like a fitting end to the original series now available on Troma Now! More updates to come!


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