Thomas Edward Seymour

Autumnal Updates and Such


It’s been a busy few weeks. I recently got to work with my friends Mike Aransky and Greg Kissner for IGN. We covered the New York Comic Con specifically cosplay. So we had the chance to work with some IGN hosts and interview cosplayers like Yaya Han and others. I honestly am not part of that world so I had never heard of those folks. It was hard work, we’d shoot for a few hours, come back and edit and complete a piece of video and go back out to shoot more. We averaged about 3 videos a day. I’ve been doing this kind of work my whole life so I’m not sure why I was so stressed out.

I used to work for CBS and it was similar, you have to finish the editing because the news has to air that night. But I think it reminded me most of my time at Black20 and I think that’s why I was a little rattled. Those three years and cranking out comedy content, getting paid next to nothing, drinking too much coffee to keep our concentration. I just wasn’t sure I ever wanted to do that kind of work again but it was actually satisfying. It was a bit outside of my comfort zone though. I much prefer working on a feature film over the course of a few years. My latest documentary (co-directed by Ken Powell) , now available on Amazon Prime entitled VHS Massacre, seems to be doing very well. It’s about the video store era and the decline of physical media.

In any case Greg Kissner and I did some solid work at IGN equating to several million views and that feels like a victory to me. It was good to hang out with Mike Aransky with who I directed several feature films in the past including the 2001 film Everything Moves Alone which is now on VHX and YouTube and Amazon for those who want to have a watch. Mike had told me that every now and then someone at IGN brings up a few of the mashups videos that Mike, Greg and I created and Black20 and it puts a smile on my face.Watch Mantis and The Spirit I remember being particularly ridiculous.

A few people hit me up on Twitter about the Bikini Bloodbath Films. I always thought they were kinda of funny. Though this scene sort of reminds me why I don’t act that much anymore. It’s cool to know that people are still watching them. It may be thanks to Film Rise that seems to be working with our film distributor MVD to get them out. I actually discovered the Film Rise Roku Channel which has some pretty great free horror titles.

This year I want to look for a new project. A few things have been put on the back burner for now including Skate Nazi’s Must Die (A script I completed) and also working with Troma on the Tales from the Crapper Series. So I’m leaning towards finding a new documentary subject to work on. I’d like to find a real mystery to explore. Maybe something New York based. I love that Resurrect Dead Documentary. The whole film is actually available on Vimeo.  Something like this could be great if I could stumble upon it.