Thomas Edward Seymour

My “Surf Nazis Must Die” Sequel Script


I’ve been working with Peter George to try to develop a sequel to the 1987 cult classic Surf Nazis Must Die hopefully with Troma but it’s pretty early in the process. I finished writing the script, Skate Nazis Must Die, a sequel involving post apocalyptic skateboard gangs in New York. It might happen, it might not but it’s been fun to try to do it. So it’s in development as they say. Peter is a very cool guy that I got to Interview on my podcast New York Cine Radio last month. Even if nothing comes from it, it’s been great to pitch the idea to Lloyd Kaufman and work with Peter.

A few weeks back Ken Powell and I got to go to Troma and work with Lloyd Kaufman and John Brennan to shoot the Blu-ray Intro for VHS Massacre. It was a lot of fun. The plot of the introduction involved us traveling back in time to stop Lloyd Kaufman from re-investing in VHS Manufacturing in the late eighties. It was a nice send off to the VHS Massacre project and I’m glad to be a part of it.


We did pretty well in the festival circuit. Troma may do one last push and enter a few more festivals and awards shows, Houston Film Festival, Gotham Awards and a few others. We shall see what happens. As far as reviews we’ve done well. Ain’t it Cool called it “A Fantastic Documentary”. So far I think everyone has understood what we were going for in this doc, and that has been the most surprising to me. more reviews below!


On the New York Cine Radio, a podcast network that I run with my friends, James Richardson and I had the change to Interview Indie Film Guru Chris Gore, creator of Film threat Magazine and host of DVDueday on G4 TV! He’s running a Kickstarter to revive Film Threat. We talked about how you can’t review a no-budget Indie film in the same way that you review a 200 million dollars Hollywood flick. You must consider Independent film in my opinion like Minor League Baseball. You might see the best game ever in the minor league and you may see some of those players hit the big time, but you need to have different expectations because it IS more impressive to see something solid with so little resources. In any case please donate to Save Film Threat! Let’s help give Indie Filmmakers a fighting chance to get some good solid Independent media.


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