VHS Massacre and Troma’s Monster Kill Updates.

Things Go. Monster Kill The Troma Now original series that I created is on it’s fourth episode. Troma Entertainment is working with Film Rise so our Documentary VHS Massacre is now available for free on Amazon Prime! This is a pretty good feeling, I’ve had films on Netflix and Amazon on Demand but the fact that anyone can watch it on Prime is pretty awesome.

I just finished up taking another college course. I registered for two classes in the Fall and when those are finished, I’ll only need two more course to complete a new degree. Work goes, I can’t wait to take some time off this month and do some writing, I started working on a project that could really be great but it’s too early to really talk about.

New York Cine Radio continues to expand. We’re a network at this point with shows like New York Cine, Tribbles and Trilobites and Geek Mutiny and Bit Rot. Summer is usually slow but we seem to be maintaining a decent audience at bout 25,000 listens a month, it’s down from a few years back but it’s still solid. It tough to say if any of this will ever add up to something but at the very least I’m very excited about the Amazon Prime thing.


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