First Cut of VHS Massacre

Well I finished a cut of the VHS Massacre doc with all the elements in place but by no means is it a fine cut. It is however complete enough to start showing it around to some industry folks. With enough cult film icons to kill a horse I hope someone gives a good shit.

It is the time of the year where I can take time off from work. I really only put out a film only once every few years so it is nice on this vacation to have something to show around and catch up with old friends. I shall take my lumps, take notes, and try to enjoy the time off. It has been a challenging year to say the least but really isn’t every year? If you disagree, well aren’t you fucking lucky. In any case I’m just glad to be attempting the grand American dream of being somebody. Hopefully the 93 minute doc is well received but I’m prepared to re-tool the hell out of it.




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