VHS Massacre progress and our interview with Mel Johnson Jr. from Total Recall

I’ve been hammering away at the rough-cut of the feature length documentary VHS Massacre. I had a full rough-cut done a few months back but slowly I’ve been going through and trying to get it color corrected and also drop a lot of the B-role into After Effects to make the thing actually watchable. This is my 9th feature and I’ve done mini-docs and news cutting but this is the kind of project that I can’t show in in rough-cut phase. It’s just too ugly that way and people won’t be able to get passed their first impressions. To be able to show this to my usually “test audience” (a group made up of film professionals and friends) I have to get it looking good and sounding good. There’s just no other way. This is a lot of work and I suppose I’m used to it but man it’s kicking my ass. I wanted to have a cut done so when I go on vacation in mid August I can show it around to people. We shall see. So far it has been rewarding and the doc features cast members from many of my favorite Cult films like Toxic Avenger, The Room, Troll 2, Birdemic, Samurai Cop, Monster Vision (TV SHOW), Psychos in Love, She Kills and several others. In the end I don’t really know what will come of this doc but like all other projects, it never keeps me from finishing them and releasing them with vigor.
We’ve already got some interest from foreign distributors so who knows, it may do well. In closing I shall treat you to an image of an elderly man doing aerobic exercise, a still from the VHS Massacre film.


Also check out the awesome interview Ken, Dave and I did over at New York Cine Radio with Mel Johnson Jr. of Total Recall and Star Trek DS9 fame. Mel Johnson Jr. was one of the best interviews we have ever done at New York Cine Radio. Well all grew up with the film Total Recall and the character Benny has some of the most quotable lines in that film “I have five kids to feed.” Mel is a celebrated Broadway actor and it is so rare in this business to meet someone so down to earth and friendly. In any case it meant a lot to all of us to hear his stories. I hope you dig it to.

Mel Johnson, Jr

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