Hannibal, Mark of the Beast and New York Cine Radio


So some interesting things have happened in the last few weeks. With Ellen Muth’s big success on the new show Hannibal (NBC network) it’s really boosted the popularity of my film Mark of the Beast that was put out in 2012 and stars Ellen Muth among others like Debbie Rochon and Dick boland. If you know anything about the IMDBpro ratings systems it allows you to see if your film has increased in popularity at least on that website. It’s good news, we’re nearly sold out of our first run of DVD’s and although the streaming deals for that film have so far been in foreign territories, it should be hitting Amazon on Demand at some point. Mark of the Beast did fairly well in the festival circuit. Some of the highlights were getting nominated as best director along with my co-director Jon Gorman at Maverick Movie Awards, Leigh Radziwon picked up a win for Best Makeup there as well. We screened at the New England Undergound FF, Syracuse Horror FF, NY New Filmmakers, Bare Bones International and a few others but I wasn’t quite content so I entered Worldfest Houston which is the oldest film festival in the U.S. In the next few weeks I’ll find out if MOTB made the cut.

I’m still editing my new feature length documentary that I’m teaming up with Ken Powell of New York Cine Radio to do. It’s running about 90 minutes with about 90 percent of the footage in place. It’s going to need some major tweaking. This is my 9th feature film but it is my first feature length documentary so I just need to make sure that it is not boring of all things. We were six months into shooting the documentary when the first of a slew of VHS documentaries came out but I think our doc VHS Massacre definitely has something to offer. It’s more about the decline of physical media and seen through cult films. I’m hoping it will do well. It’s been a rough year so far, works been tough, winter won’t seem to throwing in the towel and in some ways I feel like I might be stagnating a bit but recently I’ve gone back to college to finish off another degree at CUNY. It will take forever but I think it’s just something I need to do for myself.

The New York Cine Radio Show is going strong, we’re still getting about 11,000 feed hits a months and The New York Cine Drive-in (our new YouTube channel) is starting to pick up pace. We hit a snag recently. I posted It’s a Wonderful Life on our channel, a film that most people have seen specifically because it is in the  public domain or least it had been for about 30 years. A few years back Paramount through their disgusting copyright trolls have some how pulled it back out of public domain. So a film that belonged to the public and only got popular because of it’s public domain status is now somehow not public domain. There is no way I can really fight back against this. So we now have a strike on our YouTube account which makes things a bit more difficult to maintain. We can’t use Google Hangouts for six months, so it affects the live element of our show. Over the past few years we’ve had some amazing guests, from Joe Bob Briggs to Greg Sestero and Juliette Danielle (The Room), to Lloyd Kaufman and Debbie Rochon of Troma fame. The progress on the podcast has been steady but it never really seems fast enough for my taste. We recently started a little spin off podcast called Bit Rot Radio in which and review Google Play and Droid Market games on the Ouya game system (which I really like actually) We’ve also now offered the podcast in both Radio and Video formats. So Tuesday on iTunes  you’ll see New York Cine Radio episode #111 and then on Friday you’ll see New York Cine Video episode #111. It’s the same thing with Bit Rot Radio/Video. This week on the show we checked out some of the random VHS tapes that we found around the city, one of my favorites was a religious dieting video and the “classic” Munchie Strikes Back. See the show here, hear the show here or check it out at any of the other places below.


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