‘Mark Of The Beast’ is one of the finest indie films I’ve seen all year – The Impaler Speaks


This is such a cool new review. It’s reviews like this that keep me going. When you work on a  feature film, your intention is to affect people and you hope that when you finish cutting it together, that you are making an impact on people. I feel like it is difficult to get through to folks these days and every Indie film requires some kind of crazy gimme or twist. Our thinking was to try to go with an older blend of horror, One part aiming to be like a Hammer horror film, one part aiming to be more classic (Frankenstein or Creature from the Black Lagoon), one part aiming for a Frank Darabont horror-drama film. I felt like we had a good blend but you never know. Although so far I feel it is accurate to say the reviews are mostly positive, the negative ones cut through you, many are filled with things that are factually incorrect but to try to address these issues to the reviewers can be very touchy.

I’m working on my 9th feature film now but to be honest although it bothers me much less these days to read bad reviews, it still does bother me because I read every one of them. They CAN be a decent source of information, not individually necessarily but as a whole you can see things that coincide, that maybe improved upon but also you can read about things that you potentially did right and that can be a victory of sorts. This review came out very recently and it’s one of my favorites. When you release a film it can be very exciting when reviews start to come in. The positive reviews and coverage from Aint it Cool, Fangoria, Rue Morgue and Film Threat were extremely meaningful to me but after a while the reviews die down and after spending three years on a film you begin to wonder if anyone will recall the film down the road. So to see this review very recently was cool. It’s a confirmation that things may resonate and be there for some time after. Thanks Impaler who ever you are and thanks to my Co-director Jon Gorman and the Mark of the Beast gang for making the film happen!

“(Debbie Rochon, Margaret Rose Champagne, Phill Hall, Matt Ford, Dick Boland, Mark Bovino, and Isaiah Entsua-Mensah) – fall deeply into their respective roles, bringing the story to life in an eerily believable manner. True horror fans will delight in the special F/X work of Leigh Radziwon,”

“The story – which was adapted for the film by Sheri Lynn and co-director Seymour – flows seemlessly”

‘Mark Of The Beast’ is one of the finest indie films I’ve seen all year, and certainly is better than anything I’ve seen out of Hollywood’s big-money machine in a long, long time.”

– The Impaler



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