The evolving nature of the “VHS Massacre” Documentary


As some of you know, the gang from New York Cine Radio (Ken Powell, Dave Leute,  Chris Ferry and I) have been working on a documentary called VHS Massacre. So last month Ken and I were pretty sure we had completed all the interviews required for the doc but as I’m really digging into the edit I realize that the story of the film will continue to evolve right up until the end. You see this is my 9th feature film and although I’ve done several short documentary (mostly behind the scenes of other films) this is my first feature documentary and what I see now is that unlike narrative features, story choices are endless. So in a sense with the same  raw footage you could have a dozen different stories. I remember watching commentary for the King of Kong documentary about classic arcade gaming and the directors stated that with the footage they had taken, they could have made at least one more full doc. So about the doc, although we have some incredible Interviews, I feel like so far the interesting bits tend to be when we’re roaming about New York searching for VHS tapes, Exploring a Blockbuster Video stores still in existence or attending the more popular midnight cult film screenings. So it’s a matter of finding the right balance between film experts and us. That being said tomorrow we have an opportunity if all goes well to interview Douglas Dunning and Gregory Hatanaka who are responsible for re-mastering and reissuing the B-movie Classic Samurai Cop. Also we will interview B-movie legend Gerald Okamura from such films as (Samurai Cop, Big Trouble in Little China,  Power Rangers and Rapid Fire). We are all fans of Samurai Cop and feel like this will be a nice edition to our doc since we already have interviews and footage of other B-movies Icons likes James Nguyen (Director of Birdemic) and Juliette Danielle (Lisa from The Room). So we shall see how it goes. Check out our Facebook page or Twitter.

Thanks for reading and listening!


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