Zach Braff’s response to the overwhelming criticism of his Kick Starter Campaign

The second half of this podcast is dedicated to the Zach Braff’s Kickstarter controversy. Everything from his initial campaign to his condescending retort. It is possible that Zach may have initially done his Kickstarter more for publicity than money but I don’t think this is the kind of press he wanted. If you are an underground filmmaker this may be of interest to you.



Just listened to Zach Braff’s response to the overwhelming criticism of his Kick Starter Campaign. It is a cold calculated condescending response that seems more at home in politics than entertainment.
(On that note, what is with Zach’s face? It reminds me of the Nixon Kennedy debate…just kidding)
He’s making it even worse! The problem is in his initial campaign, he says plainly that he could have gotten funding through tradition means but he wants more control. In this new video he states that the 2 million was but a piece of the budget and that he is putting in his own money. It’s the perfect scheme. Get less fortunate people to give you 2 million dollars that you don’t even need to get publicity. (The guy is worth 22 million dollars and was considered one of the higher paid TV actors LOOK IT UP!). Lastly in so many words claims that his critics who are in great number are ignorant of social media and further claims that people who invest in his film could not possibly be interested in funding lower budget productions. That right Zach, everyone who disagrees with you is dumb and no one who would invest in your film would EVER invest in any other Kickstarter campaigns of lesser means, meanwhile he quotes Thomas Edison in his campaign who despised Independent Filmmakers. The rich get richer, Just because it’s common doesn’t mean it’s right.

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