Morrowbie Jukes


So I’m 26 pages into a draft of a new script entitled Morrowbie Jukes. Loosely based upon the famous Kipling story. My first feature film adaptation of Kipling was Mark of the Beast and I feel it went well and for some reason I really dig Kipling horror shorts. This is a much looser adaptation than Mark of the Beast which in my opinion stuck very close to the subject matter. Though over the years many folks have adapted Kipling’s Stories into films (The Man Who Would Be King, Jungle Book) his work has been used less in film than folks like Poe, Lovecraft. The adaption has so far come quickly, much like “Beast”. It’s funny though I’ve had two other scripts I’ve been working on in recent years that I could not seem to finish, Crooked Jane about an alcoholic, whose is banned from seeing her kids, and Staccato, a sci-fi noir flick. Both of those scripts I got halfway and seemed to stop dead. Maybe some day I’ll get back to those, Part of me just doesn’t want to make those films because the budgets would be massive. As an Indie filmmaker you have to pick your battles. I think Morrowbie Jukes will be a good film. Unlike Mark of the Beast it is not the first time a whole feature has been dedicated to the original short story but much like Romeo and Juliet,  the story is rich enough for varying interpretations. More info to come.

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