Vikings VS Zombies, VHS Massacre, Mark of the Beast

So I’m sitting here. It’s Sunday night and it is so great to know I have the week off. My job can be very stressful, not that it is a bad job. I believe that I actually help people, which is nice. Of course no one is gonna give you a gold star for trying to be a decent human being living in New York. It can be hard living here but it’s hard to live a lot of places I suppose. The same goes with the films I make, especially now. I am not owed anything for the movies that I have made, not good reviews, not a pat on the back and not fame. I started making feature films when I was 20 and in regards to Indie film, it was like a different universe. It seems like everyone is a filmmaker these days. That is a good thing I believe and though I have made tremendous strides this past year its hard to know what will be the future for Indie film. I believe it is not my job to compete with studio films because I would lose but I can try to offer the public simple well made films that hopefully offer something different. So that’s what I suppose I’ll be doing. In some sense I think the last few feature films I’ve done have been good. London Betty and Rudyard Kipling’s Mark of the Beast.

Currently I’m helping to Produce Vikings VS Zombies a film that my friends Greg Kissner and Aaron Syler will begin directing at the end of this week. The film will be shot in two parts, one part this year, one part next year. I will be playing a lead character Thronar the Viking. I haven’t acted as a lead character since playing the role of Billy in London Betty in 2010. Hopefully I can do the role justice. It will good to see Lloyd Kaufman and Debbie Rochon again.A few months ago Ken Powell, David Leute and I Interviewed them for a documentary we’ve been working on over the last 7 months called VHS Massacre about the decline of physical media. I think the doc is going well we have film historian and author Phil Hall to Interview and probably New Media Technology expert  Professor James Richardson as well. People on my wish list to interview are Roger Corman, Joe Bob Briggs and Louis CK (he does a great bit about the video store era and “The Cloud”) I don’t know if we’ll ever get these interviews but I suppose it doesn’t really matter. I think the doc will come out well. We have a ton of good material and we are on track though I will say there are a lot of films coming out about VHS and the video store era but it doesn’t really matter. I think we will be fine. So far we’ve interviewed Nick Prueher from the Found Footage film festival, Lloyd Kaufman Debbie Rochon, Juliette Danielle(Lisa form the Room) Carmine Capobianco, Ron Bonk(owner of SRS Video), Jason West(Vultra Video) we have an interview coming from the creator of Lunch Meat Magazine Josh Schafer, (a magazine exclusively about VHS) and others.  I may start trying to license some cool music for the doc soon. I’d love to get a few tunes from Grand National or something. In any case things move along.  Jon Gorman and I are trying to figure out if we can do a Bikini Bloodbath Trilogy VHS release but we’re not really sure yet.

My latest feature flick Mark of the Beast will play on April 5th 1pm at the Bare Bones International Film Festival in OK. This week I got e-mailed this cool “Best Feature Horror Film Nomination” graphic. Also I released the documentary for “Beast” online. I figured it had been long enough. I think it shows how hard the crew had worked.


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