UPDATE: Debbie Rochon and Lloyd Kaufman Interviews

UPDATE: The interview went great. Lloyd gave Ken Powell and I some very honest insight into the state of Indie film and the video store era. We got to see the storage area where the 35mm prints are kept and we even got to see the original beta master tape that Matt Stone and Trey Parker submitted to Troma of their first feature Cannibal the Musical. It was a fun time and I have to thank Regina and Lloyd for the hospitality and Gary Alvarez helping us shoot. Good times! More info on the New York Cine Radio Show Tuesday night!

Today Ken Powell and I are going to head down to Troma and continue work on our feature length Doc V.H.S. Massacre. We had a great time Saturday interviewing horror icon Debbie Rochon and look forward to seeing Lloyd Kaufman again. Lloyd is a cool guy who truly supports Indie film. He acted in my flick Bikini Bloodbath Christmas and a year or so I was able to book him to speak at the college where I work. We’re hoping to understand how he felt about the Video Store era and other topics.

So far we’ve been working on the doc for three months and it has been great fun. We’re able to interview our favorite B-movie icons for both the the New York Cine Radio show and for the doc. To be honest I’m just glad to have another feature to work on. This will be my 9th feature film also between Black20,IGN and College Humor I think I’ve done around 60 web shorts. I was also thinking about this. I worked for CBS News for four years as a staff editor. I did a lot of cutting little V.O’s and “SOT’s” and such. But I’d say If I was gonna low ball it, I cut three news packages a week (Completed 2-5 minutes news pieces) I was doing the math.

That’s 12 a month for four years. That’s over 500 news packages. I have friends that still work there. My god they must have cut thousands of news packages by now. In any case below is a link to a mini-interview with Debbie and the Lloyd Kaufman lecture. Hopefully we’ll have more stuff to talk about Tuesday on the new show! Thanks to anyone who reds this stuff. DEBBIE RADIO INTERVIEW

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