Thoughts on the train to New Haven

So it’s like this. I’m on a train heading to Connecticut to see friends. I have worked for three years on the feature film Rudyard Kipling’s Mark of the Beast. It is in fact my eight feature. Although I am doing well now the events in my life unfolded in a difficulty way a few years back. I had ended a long term relationship, I had lost my job and I had to leave New York for a short spell. Although I would only be out of New York City for 6 months it was a trying time. I honestly believe all that pain and frustration was funneled into my film. It was all that I had. Sure you have your friends and family but when they live two hours away it’s easy to feel alone. I threw all my effort into this film, my soul. I was trying to make a classic that could stand the test of time. Free of computer generated imagery and pop references. A film that if somehow someone stumbled upon it 50 years from now, they could understand it, connect with it in a real way. More and more I feel like films are becoming disposable, forgotten only a few years after their creation and I supposed the films created by producers in the studio system actually aim for this designed for the garbage product. That may be true but not for me. Regardless if you think my films are crap I never aimed for them to be forgotten. So after entering about a dozen film festivals I got into three Syracuse International Horror, New England Underground and the Anthology Film Archives New York Fall series. We also has a screening at LaGuardia college in New York. I write all this to say that it’s not enough for me. Although I fight to put my life back together and have financial and emotional struggles I can not give up on this film. When you are a filmmaker you require progress in each film. You need to know that if you are making progress creatively and the awareness of your films continue to grow. It is a struggle to stand out in the glut of films being created today. The Mark of the Beast DVD will come out October 23rd and this month we will have an article published in Fangoria on our film. To create a feature horror film and to get into Fangoria Magazine and to be able to buy the magazine on the shelf is one of the highest honors a horror film director can have. I plan to frame the article. So when I hold the magazine in my hands it will be the symbol that I have made progress and have earned the right to make another feature film. So much in this life is not up to us so we have to struggle and do what we can to remain relevant and to not bend to the whim of where the web and pop culture takes us. Buy a DVD, buy a magazine. Watch an old film, attend a film festival. If we decide that these things are important to us then they will always exist.

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