Dark Knight Rises and Mark of the Beast

So below is my usual podcast promotion. News has been a bit slow in regards to my films but I wanted to share that a while back I entered a few more film festivals. So the list is as follows. Montreal Horror film fest,NY Horror,Syracuse Horror and Fantasy, Erie FF,New England Underground,Polygrind. I’m going to try to enter Illinois FF and maybe World Fest Houston and call it a day. You know how it is, festival fees are super expensive. I could have bought a new HD TV and blueray player with the money I spent on festival entrees for this film alone. Maybe that’s why I don’t have nice things. In other news a new book called Fervid Filmmaking is coming out and it features one of my films The Land of College Prophets with an in depth interview and some never seen before pictures. This is particularly important to me because it puts me along side great Indie filmmakers like Alex Cox and Lloyd Kaufman. Let’s cross our fingers and hope that our film Rudyard Kipling’s Mark of the Beast has a great theatrical and DVD release and a strong film festival and Halloween season. Head down, fingers crossed, we never quit, we keep working as steady as as the Hell Gate Bridge.

New York Cine: Dark Knight Rises Indeed!#29

(Crazy spoiler DO NOT listen to this podcast after the first 3o minutes if you have not yet seen Dark Knight Rises!) The gang talk about lesser known film trilogy’s, Man of Steel and Dark Knight Rises. With special guests Tim Kulig, Chris Ferry and a few words from Schaffer: The Dark Lord about Dark Knight Rises.   Don’t forget to subscribe HERE on iTunes!  And for the Microsoft bunch HERE is Zune! And for anyone else you can listen to us on Stitcher HERE!

DJO Star Trek

Schaffer The Dark Lord: Bender Music Video

Man of Steel


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