The gross mother of all cinema podcasts from King Kong to Gollum this is New York Cine!

New York Cine: Megasode 20

In celebration of our 20th episode we give you the gross mother of all New York Cine podcasts.

Hour One:  Tom Seymour sits down with New Jersey filmmakers Michael Ferrell, Chris Prine and Devin Sanchez to talk about their web-series work for the Iconic Channel 101, also they talk about their new indie romantic comedy film to be shot this summer called “Twenty Million People” (Get Involved with the project)

Hour Two: Ken Powell, Chris Ferry, Tom Seymour and Dave Leute get excited for the upcoming Prometheus, Ridley Scott’s bold return to sci-fi after over two decades). They rant about Alien,Blade Runner, Wrath of the Titans and the state of CGI in contemporary film. This podcast spans from King Kong to Gollum so smell the glove sweet sirs for this be New York Cine!

“Twenty Million People” on

Awesome 5K zombie run in IL on Sept 1st

Cine Music by Dave Leute


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