Roger Corman is my Hero.

I am working on the script for my 9th feature film. I have had some success over the years and for that I am thankful. My 10,000 dollars films have sat right on the shelves next to 50 million dollars films and they’ve played in Indie theaters right along side the big boys. To put it short Roger Corman is a hero of mine and the truth is, he has made more impressive films than most celebrated filmmakers. For example, The House of Usher, all the Edgar Allen Poe films with Vincent Price, The Intruder, Bucket of Blood, Rock and Roll High School. He’s made over 400 films. I was watching the doc Corman’s World and I was hit by something he said in an interview about the cost of Hollywood films and it occurred to me what a wonderfully humanitarian this man is. His films can be violent and trashy and we love them but Roger is a great moral man and I wish more of the industry were like him. Independent films makers should always be able to wear more pride than Hollywood filmmakers because we can complete our vision with out such waste.

You hear that Avatar cost 250 million dollars to make and it kind of makes you sad. What could we have done for our society if we thought it was as important as giant blue people in 3D? The follows is an excerpt from an old Tom Snyder interview with Roger Corman. At the time 35 million dollars was an unheard of amount of money to spend on a film.

Interviewer: When you read that a picture cost 35 million dollars to make what do you think of that cost?

Roger Corman: Actually I think it’s wrong. The artist should be able to express himself for less money than that and the businessman should be able to invest his money better. I think from an artistic and commercial standpoint, it is wrong to spend that much money and in addition I think there are better things to do with the money in our society.

Interviewer: For example?

Roger Corman: For 30 or 40 million dollars you could rebuild a portion of the slums of a city. This is one example.

Interviewer: So you think it’s obscene to spend that much money on a film?

Roger Corman: Yes I would use that word.­­­

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