Amazing response to my new film “Rudyard Kipling’s Mark of the Beast”

Recently we had a great review come out for MOTB in Film Threat. A few weeks ago Dave’s Horror Reviews gave us another fantastic review. With the huge (life changing) article in Fangoria that we got and the two reviews, it gave us enough press to create a new poster and a new trailer! Now only if Tromadance, Tribeca, Cannes, New York Horror, Errie Horror or a few others would hook us up we might be able to have the big festival premiere we’ve all been dreaming of. After 15 years of filmmaking, getting into one of these festivals would be so nice. In the end, a guy like me has no influence over a festival. I only have, how critics respond and a core of people who dig my work or at least want to see me do well. Mark of the Beast is my 8th feature film, I’ve never had longer then two weeks to shoot a feature and I’ve never had more than 12 grand for a shooting budget but almost all of my film have sat of the shelf at Blockbuster next to 40 million dollars ones or they’ve played in theaters next to multi-million dollar films or I’ve been on NPR or the NY Daily news right next to the big boys. In the entertainment business, you can only do so much to try to achieve the life that you want because so many decision are not up to you. I can only give 200 percent, keeping making films, Keep getting good press, keep entering film festivals and keep releasing me films.

-Thomas Edward Seymour

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