The state of “The Beast”

Some folks are wondering when “Rudyard Kipling’s Mark of the Beast” is coming out. It should come out this year but to shoot you straight I have no idea when the world premiere will be. I am at the mercy of the film festivals to allow me to screen. We usually do the festival circuit first and then do a New York City premiere usually at Anthology film Archives and then a Connecticut premiere usually in New Haven. Currently we are entered in the following festivals. Please feel free to drop these festivals an e-mail if you want to see our film screen.




British Horror film festival

Dead By Dawn

We will be entered in the following soon

Buffalo Scream Fest

New York Horror film festival

Syracuse horror and Sci-fi

Williamsburg film festival

Manhattan film festival

The truth is most of the time you never know if you are going to get into these festivals. You can only hope that they actually watch the film and that they like it. I could go on about how Independent feature films have lost there value but I get bored just thinking about it. I think of all the films I’ve even done, I am most proud of “Mark of the Beast” but you always hope that someone gives a shit about your film. I wanted to update date you all with some new news but all I can do is give you an account and tell you about the effort being made. We got a tremendous article in Fangoria magazine, a great little article in The trailer has been heavily circulated on all of the major aggregator sites.  As a gesture that I am still dedicated to promoting this film and seen as how we are going to have to wait a few months until we hear back from these film festivals I’m releasing an alternate “Mark of the Beast” movie trailer edited by Ken Powell of our own New York Cine podcast Subscribe today on itunes!

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