Reflections late at night.

When all is done. You try to look back at your body of work and see how you’ve effected people. Did you make them laugh at  a dumb bit, did you move them by the dialogue and score you put together? If you’ve given a mass of people a few laughs or a few tears then I guess it was worth it. The truth is I look at the films that I’ve made and if I’m honest I hope that they all weren’t self serving but even if they were… you never want to be a fool, whether I’m making a Kipling film of a Bikini bloodbath film you hope you have an audience or if you don’t you hope that anything you’ve ever done matters to someone somewhere. When I was a kid I remember listening to the album “So” by Peter Gabriel and among the pop songs came Mercy Street and it was maybe the first time I heard something so private and moving and it effected me forever. I think that I’d like to effect someone with my films to that degree one day. Guess I should start writing again.

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