A Nice thing to discover.

I was routing through Indie film sites, seeing which ones have stood the wrath of the last 5  years. What has happened to Indie film? God! Remember the 90’s Rodriquez,Tarentino,Kevin Smith. There are no new Indie giants and the saddest thing is that I feel nostalgic for a time that I was never allowed to be a part of. We Underground filmmakers have had to endure so much, the death of video stores, our favorite Indie theaters or Bookstores and music stores that used to sell our DVD’s almost all gone. We’ve watched Netflix stop buying Micro-budget films and large movie theaters play soulless remakes or 3D BS. I do not feel like I have given up on my dream. It is the opposite because although I pursue filmmaking even now with intense vigor and passion it is if the dream has giving up on me. I do not make these feature films to toss upon youtube and show them to my buddies. This is my passion and my life and it makes my heart ache to think that as I have said in the past although I climb the ladder of success it is splintering apart below my feet.

Well anyway I came across a top film list for the year (2009) on moviesmademe.com as I was looking through Indie sites. One of my films London Betty was on the list coming in at number 11. My film goes up to 11, get it, get it. In the end I guess it’s things like this that matter to me and keep me going. I didn’t even know it but a few years ago great Indie film site thought one of my films was one of the best films that year. London Betty Makes list of Top Movies of the Year

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