I’ve been trying to finish off my new film “Rudyard Kipling’s Mark of the Beast”

I’ve been trying to finish off my new film “Rudyard Kipling’s Mark of the Beast” I’m really proud of this film. It’s the kind of film that 30 years from now if you stumbled across it, you could watch it and enjoy it just the same as today. It’s not mired in shitty pop references, contemporary technology and de jour humor that will be irrelevant years from now. It’s aims to be a classic and I believe we got there. I honestly hope that people will feel the same way I do.

It is late and I can’t sleep. I seem to have several problems and only time will solve them. It’s a bit frustrating. I started thinking back to all the films I have done. How much time and money I’ve spent on them and I wonder if any of it matters. I only hope that the experience in directing and editing that I have acrued has come to some sort of pinnacle in this film that can not be ignored. That hopefully this is undeniably solid work. Tonight I went through and decided to list some of my awards and official selections. I think it just helps me to see that I have been on a path and that progress is being made. Hopefully this doesn’t make me seem like a braggart though I supposed you have to be to be in this business.



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