A filmmakers perspective of what the internet really is.

As a filmmaker as much as I can I try to put whatever press I can get online. If I get a good review in printed news I try to at least write about it online. Nearly all of my films are available for PAID download online. I think the internet will be our collective consciousness eventually and when I’m long dead if someone wanted to know about me, they could hopefully watch one of the films on netflix or amazon or youtube downloads or itunes (hopefully soon) or whatever new places sprung up or whatever future databases that carried bits of my content. I believe some of the information of who I am as an artist will be online forever. People could watch or read some of the interviews I’ve done years back, maybe a hundred years from now. Maybe this seems morbid or arrogant because it is but what I see the Internet as, is the collective memory of the world however accurate or inaccurate it is. Eventually we will all be seamlessly hooked in and we will see the whole of the knowledge of the Internet as our own. What I hope is that someone might see Mark of the Beast, Everything Moves Alone or Land of College Prophets or even London Betty and delve into who I once was, when I was among the living. I was never really given a shot in the Entertainment industry. I’ve had some help from Indie film critics over the years and for that I am thankful. I’ve made films for next to nothing and sold them time after time. People can try to tear down my work, people who can not do work of there own but what I hope is that the internet will sustain forever and maybe I can have a little piece of me be part of that. Lately I’ve been watching a lot of George Carlin standup on youtube and thank god for youtube. People talk about George’s “7 dirty words you can’t say on TV” (a bit he did) and although it did result in the supreme court making a ruling, Carlin’s philosophy was so much more. His views on religion, patriotism, death, the planet and ritual. Anyone can stumble onto youtube and hear this modern Plato speak to what’s true and they can decide for themselves the depth of his content. It is a beautiful thing. Some days I feel like a coroner bagging and tagging my past films to be ready for the funeral but I think more likely I’m prepping them to be apart of infinity and forever and I like that. I make my films even the dumb ones, because I am moved to do so BUT the ones I’m most proud of I try to create free of pop references, disposable contemporary jokes or remakes, part of this is in the hopes that one day MANY MANY years from now. Someone might stubble upon an archive of Mark of the Beast and be moved. That’s immortality is a small way and that’s the Internet. for me.

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