Bikini Bloodbath is Huge in Germany

So a couple of really cool things happened this weekend. I was on facebook and I was asked to “like” the person Harry Rubenbauer. Of course my natural reaction was “Who the fuck is Harry Rubenbauer?” Come to find out when the German version of Bikini Bloodbath 1 and 2 came out. They renamed the killer Chef in the Bikini Bloodbath films so instead of William Lechenski, AKA Chef Death, AKA The Sausage Party Slasher, AKA The Meat Reaper McQueen his name is Harry Rubenbauer. This was funny as hell to me because apparently according to a fan of the series the The German voice actor doing the Chef’ has a Bavarian accent and before he kill sombody he say´s: “Servus”. So in short I’m dying to see this version of Bikini Bloodbath. We here at Bloodbath Pictures have Uwe Boll himself to thank for this. We sold the German rights for part1 and 2 to his company. Another film I did called Land of College Prophets also has a German version that I have never seen. Oh well. Yup below that’s good old Harry.

The second thing that happen to me was that another fan of the Bikini Bloodbath series  dropped me a message on facebook to say that he “just picked up a VHS copy of your film THRILL KILL JACK yesterday at the Cinema Wasteland show.” I was floored that’s so awesome. I can not tell you how FUCKING rare a VHS copy of Thrill Kill Jack is and although this person is a fan of the Bikini Bloodbath series I may loose him as a fan when he sees how shitty Thrill Kill Jack is. For me it’s really not about that though. For me the great part is people are actually seeing my f

ilms. Sometimes I get down because I see how disposable films are these days. Less people are buying DVD’s, feature films are just less precious because people download them illegally or watch them on a tiny window on their laptops. There’s so much content and now anyone can make a film and it floods what’s left of the dying Indie film market.  This is not to say I’ll ever stop making films. I just love little bits of encouragement. So thanks to all you Hale Manor and Bloodbath fans. You truly keep me going.


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