Transformers VS Robot Jox

When I was young  for whatever reason I got addicted to watching Stuart Gordon’s 1990 film Robot Jox. It’s not that it was all that amazing but it was giant robots fighting each other. If you look at the film today much of the technology seems preposterous. Man no one ever thought for a second in the 80’s/90’s that we’d move past 4×3 tube televisions? Or that our phones or remote controls would get smaller. Anyway, Today you always hear that the studios need CGI in order to pull off certain effects and that films like Transformers or Real Steel, or Avatar could only be created now. I will just keep in short in saying “Yes” some of the stop motion and miniatures in Robot Jox look a little funny but it still looks pretty awesome to me. The next time someone says oh “We had to wait for the technology to advance to make this film.” Tell them to go fuck themselves. But you are saying, “Wait! What about Avatar TES?”  3D film has been around since the fucking 50’s and as far and creating tall blue people, watch a Ray Harryhausen film will you. So in summation I’m not saying Robot Jox is better than Transformers because as you’ll see from the clips below that, that is not the case. I will just say there is ALWAYS a practical way to do special effects. Film has been around for 100 plus years. I can assure you if you think something can only be done with CGI look what they did in 1927 with Metropolis.




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