Of Monsters and Salt

It’s back to my day gig after an event filled Monster Mania Weekend.  It was nice to be a recognized filmmaker at the event. You could see how badly the middle class has been treated by the rich over the years. Our wages have stagnated for an entire generation and the cost of living has gone up so sharply and so many people still don’t have jobs. But the people at Monster Mania came anyway and drank and spent and saw their horror hero’s none-the-less. In these hard times film gives us great relief and escape and I think that’s why people went there and it is my honor to be in the business of dreams (well…horror dreams). You could see the venders adjusting their price to suit the state of the economy. You see hopeful youth, hoping to see industry folks, bored TV actors getting ustaged but cult favorites and guys like me trying to make their mark. There is a comfort in seeing legends like Lloyd Kaufman or Debbie Rochon there. To know that they will be there, it is a good feeling.

So now that the booths have been taken down, the horror makeup has been wiped off or money has been spent it’s now is back to the day gig. Back to packing lunches or loading trucks for some. It’s back to designing video games or waiting tables. For me it’s working my day gig and working on the audio for Mark of the Beast. It is a gift to live in this country and to be able to enjoy these events. I wish things were easier for 90 percent of the population but right now it’s not. Speaking of the salt of the earth or the middle class.

On a side note. If you are reading this you must know in your heart that trying to paint school teachers or teachers unions as tyrants is universally wrong. You must know this in your soul somewhere, politics aside. There is no spin to be had. We need to treat our people better in this country.

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