Bikini Bloodbath 3 gets four stars!

Congrats To Dick Boland and Phil Hall whose performance in Bikini Bloodbath 3 seems to be getting some great attention. You really need to read the whole review to see how much Dave dug their chops.

“what I loved the most about this film was the tour de force acting of one Mr. Dick Boland. Boland is a hilarious actor and he not only shows it here, but in Seymour’s previous film, London Betty, as well. Also putting in a brilliantly funny job is Phil Hall”


I am constantly amazed and certainly grateful for the considerable fan base The Bikini Bloodbath series has grown over the years. Even the mention of the fourth Bikini Bloodbath installment has caused such an overwhelming response from fans, performers and fellow indie producers that I am hopeful that the series will continue. To be on Fangoria Radio or be published in Rue-Morgue or to have Debbie Rochon and Lloyd Kaufman in the BBB series, to have Uwe Boll do a German release of the first two films. This is a bit our legacy and we will always have that at Bloodbath Pictures. I believe we have made a mark on the world of horror and I am proud of the bloodbath crew. We’ll see you at Monster Mania next week!

P.S. I love this picture of Lloyd Kaufman in BBB3 typing with two fingers on an unplugged Commadore VIC-20

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