London Betty screening at The University of Connecticut

I woke up this morning at about 9am. My head ringing from perhaps having one or two many drinks last night at the local watering hole. I had a vague recollection of last night events and my empty wallet was proof that is was a late night for sure. I made my way from Astoria Queens up to Connecticut. I was recently invited by Alexander Andriulli of  East Coast Independent Film – Screening & Talkback Program to show my film London Betty and give a director’s talk. It was a nice venue and it was a real honor to be invited as the first filmmaker in this new program that Alex had set up. Within the year Alex is efforting to have 12 Colleges within Connecticut to participate in these Talkback programs. In a sense creating a system in which students can potentially get jobs within the industry and also giving Independent filmmaker an amazing infrastructure in which to get their films out to the public. In a time when independent movie theaters are dropping like flies this is a brilliant idea to celebrate Indie films, it’s free for the students and the program doesn’t need to generate any money to survive. In short, it is a genius idea and is a breathe of fresh air to me. UCONN has some amazing screening rooms. It was a fun night. I saw some old friends, got to talk to students about indie film and got a final send off of my Feature film London Betty in it’s 14 public screening (at least I think it’s 14). Good night sweet London Betty. All my films are like my children and you are so far my favorite.

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