What I am up to at Bloodbath Pictures and Hale Manor Productions

I’m trying to get a picture lock done on Rudyard Kipling’s Mark of the Beast. Because we shot it with more traditional coverage and concentrated on performance, blocking and camera movement versus more coverage, the edit has been quicker compared to past film like London Betty and as a matter of fact this is a much more satisfying way of filmmaking for me. I am however starting to get worn out on it. Beyond that my last release Bikini Bloodbath Christmas is selling well and I’m proud that Jon Gorman and I completed a horror film trilogy and it is starting to have a hell of a following (look for us at Monster Mania). With consistent coverage over the past four years in nearly every major form of horror press the impact has been pretty amazing.

So now Bloodbath Pictures is trying to figure out what camera to move to. After some research the Canon D60 looks like a good choice. It’s uses the same sensor and the 7D, has a flip out viewfinder and manual audio. It seems like a strong choice if we can get a good L lens. Of course to move from a ten thousand dollar camera to a thousand dollar one that can be bought in a fucking Wal-Mart is upsetting more than exciting.

I’m trying to Figure out what Hale Manor Productions next script will be. Directing Rudyard Kipling’s Mark of the Beast, it was a good feeling to attempt serious work. So I’m on a quest to find a new story to either adapt or write. I don’t take submissions sorry. When Land of College Prophets was a best seller and was on netflix and every Movie Gallery in the US and When London Betty got on the platinum Label for Maverick Entertainment and hit the shelves at Blockbuster and when Bikini Bloodbath3 got in Fangoria and Rue-Morgue at the same time these were all important landmarks for me as a filmmaker. It was a nice feeling to know that I have made an impact in the Underground film world but now I have to violently struggle to excel from here. I just hope one of the top ten festivals will see that Rudyard Kipling’s Mark of the Beast is worthy of their festival. These are my marketing points.

1. Famous author: Rudyard Kipling (Jungle Book)

2. Famous actress: Ellen Muth (Star of the Dead Like Me Showtime series),

3. Famous actress: Debbie Rochon (B-movie Legend, Fangoria Magazine Producer)

4. Top Underground Filmmaker: Thomas Edward Seymour (London Betty, Land of College Prophets,Bikini Bloodbath 1-3, Everything Moves Alone, PG 300 Cake Town viral video)

5: It’s a well made adaptation of a famous short story with a festival friendly running time. Aprox. 75 minutes.

I just hope all of this is enough.

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