Bikini Bloodbath Christmas New York City Premiere Recap!

Monday was a bit chilly but a nice night for a walk. Jon Gorman (co-director) Sheri Lynn(Producer Actress) and Maggie Champagne (Actress/Saint) were there. We ate pizza and drank whiskey at Doc Holidays then made our way to the Anthology Film Archives on 2nd and 2nd. We got there early set up our signature Wine and Cheese offerings to those who made the trek to the city. I was a bit nervous, not about it going over well or premiere jitters. I was just nervous that no one would show but rapidly people began to show in the the lobby and the theater was filled up in no time. In many ways meeting people at the premiere who are involved in the film is like a family reunion of sorts. So it was a good time catching up with everyone. Scream Queens Rachael Robbins, Monique Dupreem Maggie Champagne Sheri Lynn and others were there.

The film begun, people were laughing at various lines or poops jokes or Phil Hall’s Balls. It was a good night. It’s these little pick-me-ups that keep me going. If we can bring a strong crowd out on a wednesday in the cold to lower Manhattan then maybe the state of Independent film isn’t so bleak.Thanks to all my friends and family for helping do this stuff. Without  you I would surely be lost.

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