The Death and Rebirth of Indie Film

After a dozen years of filmmaking I find myself at a crossroads. I find there is a wall that I cannot seem to get beyond. I can’t seem to get into any top ten film festivals. I can’t seem to make a good living at filmmaking and sometimes I forget why I started doing this in the first place. I see all my friends married or with kids. I see the indie film business falling apart around me and although I am thankful for the technology that has made it able for anyone to make feature films I often wonder about the destruction and chaos that technology has brought to the film industry. Is this the death rattle and is Indie film doomed to the same fate as the music industry. Much like music, have films already lost there value both monetary value and societal worth? A bit, yes.

Have I become the modern equivalent of a wagon wheel maker? Am I attempting to tell myth to an empty room in the dark. It just saddens me to see indie movie theaters, drive ins, video stores, arcades, news papers, magazines, bookstores and even DVD’s destroyed by the invention of newer technology. If technology is so wonderful then why does is have to take so much away so fast from all of us? Make no mistake the money is’t shifting into other venues for film. It is dissapearing forever. Video on Demand does not replace DVD, that will go too. This might be ok because people will make films souley to make art or porn or whatever. But we seem to call them videos now, not films. The thing  is ,everyone is making films now and so many are so bad, no one can possible weed through the garbage to find the good ones. There will always be good music and there will always be good films. We will just have to hope people with grit will have the wear-with-all to dig through the garbage to find the one good apple.

What will film be in the future. Large websites like netflix will descriminate and decide which films are of value enough to show, paying the filmmaker pennies or not at all eventually probably becoming like steaming music sites like pandora. Films should loose most of there value, films may get shorter in length and fasten in pace. I don’t see any movie theaters lasting. Even if they project 3D IMAX in every theater. 10 years at most I think. Things will probably go totally interactive at home there will be no distinction between video games and movie, then eventually probably no difference from your online exsistance.  Almost everything I have taken 15 years to learn will be dead knowledge. All this doesn’t mean I’m going to stop. I’ll be the old man in the corner repairing the marionette for the next one man show but in the other corner there will be another old man like me,  because we are making fucking films not wagon wheels and fuck em’ if the kids ain’t watching. We do this for us and we tell the tales we want to.

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