VHS Massacre and Troma’s Monster Kill Updates.

Things Go. Monster Kill The Troma Now original series that I created is on it’s fourth episode. Troma Entertainment is working with Film Rise so our Documentary VHS Massacre is now available for free on Amazon Prime! This is a pretty good feeling, I’ve had films on Netflix and Amazon on Demand but the fact that anyone can watch it on Prime is pretty awesome.

I just finished up taking another college course. I registered for two classes in the Fall and when those are finished, I’ll only need two more course to complete a new degree. Work goes, I can’t wait to take some time off this month and do some writing, I started working on a project that could really be great but it’s too early to really talk about.

New York Cine Radio continues to expand. We’re a network at this point with shows like New York Cine, Tribbles and Trilobites and Geek Mutiny and Bit Rot. Summer is usually slow but we seem to be maintaining a decent audience at bout 25,000 listens a month, it’s down from a few years back but it’s still solid. It tough to say if any of this will ever add up to something but at the very least I’m very excited about the Amazon Prime thing.


Captain’s Blog or Kenny Bloggins.



It’s been a busy a Month. Monster Kill, an original series that I created recently launched on Troma Now which is the streaming service for Troma Studios. Troma is of course the longest running Independent Film Studio in the U.S. and I’m really happy to be working with them. So anyway, what is Monster Kill do you ask? It’s a series in the vein of Up All Night or MonsterVision in which Louanne Louanne (Played by Maggie Champagne known for her appearances on the Amy Schumer Show) and (Super Tromette) Double Dementia host a late night, horror themed TV show in which they play terrible films like Merminators from Space, Flying Snake Attack, Night of the Infomercial or Groom of Bigfoot. The shows run about to 15 minutes and they have some fun fake movie trailers and commercials spliced in. They premiered two episodes this week and a new episode will come out every two weeks after.


I had farmed out three of the films to be directed by Oswald Barrios, Troy Bernier, Erik Swain, Girard Tecson and Ken Powell. That allowed me to direct one episode,  and direct all of the actual TV Show elements with Maggie and DD. The toughest part for me was re-cutting the shorts to flow properly with in the show and then edit the show as well. We are currently working on the fifth episode now and I really get a kick out of the end results.


My documentary VHS Massacre: Cult films and the Decline of Physical Media premiered on Troma Now last Month and managed to get some really great reviews. A stellar review from Ain’t it Cool News! They called it “A really fantastic documentary.” I certainly could not have predicted that. We also received a positive reviews from Cinema Crazed, Poop Culture Podcast and Zombies in My Blog. Also recently I got word that the New Haven Documentary Film Festival will be playing VHS Massacre as an Official Selection in early June, more info to come! This is great! When Ken and I created this documentary we really had no idea of what to expect from the festival circuit, typically with any of my last films Mark of the Beast, London Betty, Land of College Prophets, I’d enter about 25-35 film festivals and we’d get into about a third of those. With VHS Massacre I just couldn’t enter that many financially, so I submitted to probably about 15 and the NHDFF actually makes our 5th film festival so far. So statically I’m running about the same one out of three official selections and I usually win at least one festival. (I have always believed that getting a feature film into a festival is much harder than a short film because of the time commitment). The cool thing is that festivals that VHS got into are all new for me. So this is the first time I’ve played at any of them and some are pretty big or well respected! So I can say that completing a feature length documentary took me to a different place and working with Troma has been really fun for me. In a way a dream fulfilled.


Miami Science Fiction Film Festival (Winner Best Doc)

Cinedelphia Film Festival (Pre-fest Screening)

Manhattan Film Festival (Official Selection)

Australia’s Dragon Dreaming Film Festival (Official Selection)

New Haven Documentary Film Festival (Official Selection)





on TROMA NOW in April!!!

Award-Winning VHS MASSACRE is April’s World-Premiere on TROMA NOW
New York, N.Y., March 17, 2016- Greetings from Tromaville!
“Demented Documentaries” is the theme of the month for April on Troma Now, Troma Entertainment’s subscription video-on-demand service that highlights exclusive content, World-Premieres and commercial-free movie and episode streaming for subscribers! April’s World-Premiere featured on Troma Now is Tom Seymour and Ken Powell’s VHS Massacre, it was announced today by Lloyd Kaufman, prexy of Troma Entertainment and creator of, The Toxic Avenger.
VHS MASSACRE is a documentary about the rise and fall of physical media from the origin of film all the way through the vide o store era into digital media, focusing on B-movie and cult films. VHS MASSACRE has already been selected for several esteemed film festivals and took first prize at the Miami Science Fiction Film Festival for feature-length documentary.  The award winning and educational film was created by Queens, New York based filmmakers Tom Seymour and Ken Powell of New York Cine Radio. 
Tom Seymour and Ken Powell visit the now Manhattan’s “Kim’s Video and Music” in VHS MASSACRE
VHS MASSACRE features interviews with cult film heroes Lloyd Kaufman of Troma Entertainment, actress Debbie Rochon, Ron Bonk (owner of SRS Video) and several more reputable experts who give their insight and analysis into the history of and their predictions for ever shifting media platforms and the resulting legal and cultural impacts.
Lloyd Kaufman, president of Troma Entertainment and legendary cult film actress Debbie Rochon are both interviewed in
Lloyd Kaufman’s take on forty years worth of maverick filmmaking, Direct Your Own Damn Movie, is included on the Tromarrific lineup, as well as Poultry in Motion, the behind the scenes documentation of Troma’s foul feathered musical Poultrygeist: Night of the Chicken Dead. Other expositions into the gross underbelly of the Troma experience include All the Love you Cannes and Debbie Rochon Confidential. Classic documentaries from Troma’s legendary Roan Collection include Albert Schweitzer and No Substitute for Victory. 
Always hip to the needs and interests of their demographic, Troma caters to their superfans with other titles like Jefftowne, a look into the life of a wrestling fanatic with Down’s Syndrome. Documentaries that capture the seedy, spermy and magical lives of sex workers include Shakespeare in and Out and Bordello Diaries. 
Shakespeare in and Out (left) and Poultry in Motion (right) are two behind the scenes looks into the film industry experience
Troma Now subscribers are privy to an additional chunk of Tromatic Extras every month to fit the theme. For April’s “Demented Documentaries”, new rare and exclusive content includes behind the scenes footage from the early stages of development for Return to Nuke ‘Em High: Volume 1, like the grueling Troma casting process, pre-production of the movie and special effects documentation. Lovers of New Jersey’s vigilante superhero and his father Lloyd Kaufman can relish both stars with Toxie in Africa. Other featured extras like, Edit Your Own Damn Movie, Cranky Lloyd Gets Cranked and Enough Dope to Hang Yourself With are sure to shatter the hopes and dreams of aspiring filmmakers.
“Demented Documentaries” is streaming exclusively to subscribers of Troma Now. Also available are titles from prior months including “Black History”, “Women in Cinema” and “March Musical Madness”. Visit watch.troma.comfor more information and see the commercial for Troma Now on Troma Movie’s YouTube channel. Tom Seymour and Ken Powell’s hilarious promotion for their film, VHS MASSACRE  is available below, also on Troma Movies YouTube!

Promotion for
Promotion for “VHS MASSACRE” and April’s Demented Documentaries on Troma Now!
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VHS Massacre upcoming screenings!

The feature length documentary I finished with Ken Powell, entitled VHS Massacre is set to come out in April though Troma Entertainment and it’s exciting because we get to screen at Cinedelphia Film festival on April second. Sign up on facebook for FREE ADMISSION! This is one of the largest film based events and Philadelphia and so I’m very happy about that. (We get to screen in a functioning video store).

The other awesome thing is that we were accepted into the Manhattan Film Festival! I had entered a bunch of film festival as I’ve done with my films over the years. I really didn’t know what to expect as far as festival selections but so far it’s looking pretty great. Four selections total, one win! This is exciting I hope some of you can make it out to one of the screenings!



Some of Tom’s old films remastered.



So for those who might listen to our New York Cine Radio podcast this is something we’ve been talking about for a few weeks. I’ve been working on re-mastering one of my first 16mm feature length film Everything Moves Alone, that technically came out in 2001 and screened in New York for a few weeks. The film as I recall was shot in 1999 and then later we did some pick-up in 2000. I had to re-watch EMA after some years and now that I’m in my late 30’s I can see these films with a bit more distance, I was twenty when I was shooting the film (and twenty three when I was shooting other film Land of College Prophets which I’ll talk about in a bit).

Everything Moves Alone to me now looks like my friends Mike Aransky, Phil Guerette, Tim Kulig and I were just trying to figure out adult life and I think that’s pretty much what the film is, wrapped up into a Dramedy that was debatably effective. Though it would go on to make the top ten Indie film of the year on film Threat and we won “Auteur of the Year” at Bare Bones International Film festival. The New York Post called it “Earnest film-making against all odds.” and I think that’s something I’ll always be proud of.

It was a $9,000, ninety minute feature film which was difficult to pull off at that time. We didn’t even have a deck to capture the footage, so we elected to have the post house dump our raw footage in High-8 tape to edit and capture from a camcorder. This I’m sure seems like a strange solution but you have to understand, even if we could have had it dumped to Beta SP, we would have to rent a deck to capture the footage but the computer had a handful of 9 gig SCSI drives. We had to capture in batches, edit the first reel, delete the raw footage, capture the second batch, delete the raw and so on. We spent a year cutting the film, three of us, Mike, Phil and I.


My brother Bruce built us a P.C. and we were able to cut the film in an early version of Adobe Premiere. Hard Drives were very expensive back then and actually would only capture the takes we were using not the whole tape. So the budget was spend on film stock, development and transfer and then building a computer. We laid the film to tape on Beta SP, at first we made VHS copies of the film, I still have a few laying around I think. We couldn’t make a DVD copy because at the time the post houses were making very expensive Glass Master DVDs and it would have cost thousands of dollars. But as a few years went by we were finally able to make a DVD copy from the Beta Master and after everything that happened with the film, when it came time to remaster the film, an old DVD was what I was working with. Now I had made a copy of a copy of the Beta Master on DVD-Pro tape at the CBS News station i used to work at. I got a quote to have it digitized and it was pretty high and so I decided to have a go and working with the DVD master made directly from the Beta. I tried noise reduction filters in After Effects and then some color correction and up-scaling but the film just looked trashed.

I spoke with Ken Powell (Co-director of VHS Massacre and Co-host of New York Cine Radio) H tried an Adobe After Effects plug in called Neat Video and it was actually able to remove a lot of grain, I was then also able to sharpen the visuals just a bit but to be honest, because we could never spend a ton of money of the transfer the color quality wasn’t that great and at times the colors would bleed. We decided to actually re-master it black and white. This allowed us to boost the contrast a bit and make the overall viewing experience more consistent. So what we have is pretty decent looking HD Master of the film and to me the Black and White is in the spirit of Clerks, or the short film version of Bottle Rocket.


Next I worked on the Land of College Prophets which actually won 8 independent film awards (B-movie FF,Bare Bones, EOFFTV) and was distributed in 9 different countries of the years. I was able to find the original AVI master of the film. We had shot the movie on the Panasonic DVX100 and for those who know the first year it came out, there as actually no “Squeeze mode” true widescreen ability. So we ended up shooting in a letterbox format. so if you think about it, It’s 720×480- square with the letterbox within it. So if you dropped it into an HD timeline it was look like a tiny rectangle in the middle of a larger one. The point is, there’s not a lot of resolution there. I was able to upscale it to HD, tweak the white and black levels, color and saturation and tweak a few edits on the film. Noise reduction or neat video didn’t seem to have much effect but still we have the nicest looking version of Land of College Prophets (or Fountain of Death they called it in Russia). When the film was released in Movie Galley and Hollywood Video, they released in as full screen, so they actually blew up and cropped into the film even more! It’s actually never been released in it’s wide screen format. So for the first time, the films are available for rental on VHX for just a dollar or two bucks own them both in HD Right here!