Maverick Movie Awards! Mark of the Beast gets one win and two nominations!

MMAThis just in from the Maverick Movie Awards! Our film Mark of the Beast gets one win and two nominations! Leigh Radziwon (LeighFX) wins BEST SPECIAL EFFECTS MAKE-UP, Debbie Rochon picks up a BEST ACTRESS nomination and Jon Gorman and I (Thomas Edward Seymour) get a BEST DIRECTOR NOMINATION!  Thanks so much to the cast and crew for helping to make a great little horror flick and thanks to the Maverick Movie Awards for recognizing all of us! If you get a chance have a look at the Maverick Movie Awards Alumni List. From Chris Gore to Philip Glass to Moby, it’s a pretty amazing group to be among.

“…The Maverick Movie Awards puts credibility and intrigue back into the word ‘maverick.’”
– Les Claypool, Frontman of Primus, Music Producer, Film Director, Novelist, Winemaker, and Fisherman
“The MMA is the real deal. When you all say ‘it’s a level playing field…from a maverick point-of-view,’ I believe it.”
– Anthony E. Griffin, Moviemaker and Co-Founder of Thriller! Chiller! Film Festival

Radio Interview with Eileen Dietz, star of The Exorcist! Check it out people!


New York Cine Radio has a new interview with Eileen Dietz from The Exorcist. She has also worked on the Planet of the Apes TV series, Helter Skelter and even starred in a play with Another Perkins!  I have to give a shout out to Dave Leute and Ken Powell for creating this show for the past year and a half. With guests and interviews with folks like Lloyd Kaufman, Carmine Capobianco, Nick Prueher, Juliette Danielle, Jon Gorman, Debbie Rochon, James Nguyen and many others I do feel like New York Cine Radio has become a solid source for cult  and horror film radio interviews. If you are bored on your commute to work or working out and sick of listening to commercials after commercial on tradition radio. Give us a listen. You can get our show in a bunch of places.