VHS Massacre Too & Troma’s Shitstorm updates!

So VHS Massacre Too continues to surprise me. To date we have won 15 awards and will play at the Kansk International film festival in Siberia, the Spirit of Independence Film Festival in England and probably a third festival in September. This week we heard that the 21st annual Bare Bones Film Festival in Muskogee Oklahoma gave us a Best Documentary and Audience choice Awards.

We’re working on the Blu-ray release of the film now. Lloyd has a tradition of doing introductions to his Blu-ray releases and to me this was always one of the best things about buying the physical media. Not only do you have permanent access to these titles but it harkens back to when auteurs would introduce films… Alfred Hitchcock presents, Quinten Tarantino presents. So I feel really honored to have Lloyd doing an intro to my film and it’s funny as hell, like always. Lloyd who was close friends with Terry Jones does a slow approach to the camera from out of the woods, and then references Monty Python’s famous line “Now for something totally different”.

Lloyd Kaufman’s latest film Shakespeare’s Shitstorm will play at the Fantasia Festival this Saturday August 29th virtually so get your tickets here! It’s cool to see the film playing at such a large film festival to launch it’s festival run! So this is great news but it is bittersweet because Troma’s YouTube channel has recently been suspended! This is very strange because the page has nearly 40 million views, close to a million subscribers and there is no clear reason as to why it has been suspended. I mean, are free B-movies so dangerous? And what can we do to fight back against film censorship? We may have to start a petition, more information soon.

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