Horror Hound Reviews “VHS Massacre Too” & wins at the 41st Telly Awards!

I was notified that there is an excellent review in HorrorHound Magazine of VHS Massacre Too. It has been nearly a decade since I’ve been featured in a major horror magazine so it was very meaningful to me and they actually liked it! Order a copy today! Here is a quote!

VHS Massacre Too is Infused with nostalgia, humor and passion…  without a doubt worth watching!”

-Jay Kay, HorrorHound

Screen Shot 2020-06-07 at 1.46.16 AM

This week I’m happy to report that VHS Massacre Too has won two awards including Best Documentary and Best Low-budget Project at the the 41st Annual Telly Awards. This makes 9 wins and 11 selections. We are also entered in 20 other film festivals including a screening at Horrorcon UK in late September but we will screen at the Underground Indie Film Festival virtually on Saturday June 13th. As more information comes in I’ll be sure to update everyone. There is no release date yet for VHS Massacre Too. Troma Entertainment has informed me that they are looking at a summer release and I’ll be sure to post updates as they come!


On a personal note I finished another semester at Hunter College in the Intergraded Media Arts program which means I am now “in thesis”. With some luck I’ll have my M.F.A. by Christmas. I’ll spare you the details of how crazy things have been but I was proud to barrel through the semester under the circumstances. I made a few videos including a little news package on my wife and how she’s helping New York restaurants and companies promote delivery services during the epidemic. Also I posted a lecture on how to use symbolism and metaphor within cinema. My thesis project will be on the King of Royalty Free Music Kevin MacLeod! You’ve heard his music a dozen times and you didn’t even realize. In any case it should be a fun project. Drop me a line if Kevin has been a big influence on you!

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