Returning a 30 year old VHS to Troma!

Next Friday I’ll head to Troma Entertainment to return a 30 year old VHS that actually says “Return to Troma ASAP” and to speak with the B-movie king himself Lloyd Kaufman. Hopefully he will forgive the tardiness. The film was a screener copy of Killer Condom. This will for the most part, finish off VHS Massacre 2 although I might snag one of two more interviews and I still need a ton of B-role. This film I don’t believe is like the first one, more of an exploration of the challenges that B-movie filmmakers go through, be it censorship, or financial woes. Joe Bob Briggs seems to be one of the most important people celebrating these kinds of films. His drive-in academy award nominations are my favorite. Some of these fringe films and filmmakers end up being really important to the main stream. I think I can have the film close to finished by the end of the year.


In other updates, tomorrow my short documentary entitled Artifact featuring author Jonathan Alexandratos will play at Yale University as part of the New Haven documentary Film Festival. I’ve made three of these short films some very recently, The Toy Shop was included in my first critique in the Hunter Intergraded Media Arts program earlier this month. I’m over the halfway mark and closing in on my M.F.A. it’s been challenging but I’ll be glad when it’s finished. That’s all for now.


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