Tom’s Youtube Video Game Experiment

Can you make an experience on youtube feel like a video game? I don’t know but I did try an experiment. Using several annotations and links to other videos I tried to create a video game within Youtube it’s self. I put the backgrounds and characters together in Photoshop and used Premiere and After Effects to make the “animations” if you want t call them that. This may have been done before I’m not sure. I only know of the “You are in a dark room video” which is awesome but it does make me wonder if someone tries hard enough, could they make a game just using youtube? No programming, no computer languages, no flash? Well I’m not sure but this was fun to try in any case. Navigate King Arthur through the dangerous pathways to get to the Red Knight! Make sure your annotation are turned on or the game won’t work. Mobile users may have to use a desktop version on your browser. Enjoy.


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